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Wednesday 2 July 2014

Bag instructions.

As promised here are the instructions for the bags I posted yesterday. I couldn't resist decorating a few as I have some birthdays coming up which I can use them for.

Nifty hey? And a good way to use all those scraps

First cut your paper to 21 cm x 30 cm. Then score the long edge at 14 cm and 28 cm.

Turn and score halfway down at 2 cm and all the way down at 19 cm. Cut away the shaded areas. The angles don't have to be an exact degree. Then fold the dotted lines and glue.

 Cut the flap in a curve shape with fancy scissors and you're done.

I live a tiny walk away from Abakhan who are having a pre sale evening tonight with cake and wine so guess where I'm going??


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, hmmmm wonder if I can get one made up for Toms teachers end of year pressie??? Enjoy tonight - chin, chin dahling xx

  2. have you moved in yet lol.Love those bags thanks for the tutorial will def be making some for christmas.xx


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