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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sad News.

Just a short post to say that my mum passed away peacefully in hospital on the 21st of December. She was 92. She took ill in July with a chest infection which led to her having fluid on her lungs. She lost her appetite, or so we thought. We tried all ways over the next few months to get her to eat. She was losing a lot of weight and was getting weaker and weaker.To cut a long story short, she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of December and tests showed she was in the late stages of cancer. She was too ill and weak for treatment but luckily she wasn't in pain. Just the discomfort and indignity of being bedridden for 3 weeks.Her body was shutting down and she wanted to go to my dad. I visited her 2 days before she died and she seemed to have a sudden rush of energy.She was very alert and knew it wasn't proper visiting time. She was demanding food and laughing about it. She ate half a sandwich and some jelly and ice cream and even had the strength to give me a hug before I left. But then she suddenly became very tired again.Less than 48 hour later she was gone. I will always remember that last little hour with her. She gave me the strength to go and finish my Christmas tasks. Thank you mum.


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