Welcome to my blog. I hope you find plenty of inspiration here. Nothing too fancy, no great skills required, just lots of cards, gifts and perhaps the odd bit of shopping.

My blog contains lots of links to freebies. Without sounding like "mother" can I ask you to leave a kind comment to the generous givers of such fabulous artwork. I know of at least a couple of artists who are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. Thanks. X

Monday, 31 May 2010

On my way home.

I'll be on my way home today but there's always a mystery stop off for a couple of hours so there's still a bit more excitement.I'm so easily pleased LOL!! The biggie is did i find any craft shops???? I hope so.
Here's another quickie card, one i needed for work to replace one i'd sold, although i never make the same design again,just another "thinking of you" card.

The stamp is Cherry Blossom by Personal Impressions and the paper is Papermania creative tones.
Thanks for visiting. Di.xx

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Where am i?

Well, i'll know by now but you'll have to wait! We always get a trip out on the sunday but in true mystery fashion the driver won't tell us where. He does devilish little detours so we can't guess either.
Here's a quickie card to keep you going.This is another digi stamp but it was from before i started my blog and i didn't make a note of where it came from,if anyone knows please let me know so i can give credit where it's due.   Di.xx
 Edit.    Thanks to Jen from My Inky Hands. I can now tell you the image is from Digistamp Boutique

Saturday, 29 May 2010


No not mine, not for a long time yet. My bad luck story started when i was 15 and in my last year of school. The term had hardly started when the leaving age went up to 16 with immediate effect. What a bummer!! Out of all the kids in my year the only one's who didn't rebel were the top swots. The rest of us learned nothing,this is probably why i've got my high flying job in the paper shop! The same thing is likely to happen with my retirement, i'll be shuffling down to the post office to be told sorry luv you've got to wait till next year now. This card is for nobody in particular,i'll see if i can sell it at work.

The stamp is from the Clare Curd Stamping for him set. The papers are from an old kit (mostly naff) from C&C a few years ago. There is a sheet of paper and a matching vellum which i've torn and fixed on top with brads. I started colouring with my promarkers but realised i'd stamped this a while back on non coated card with stazon ink so i had to go back to my watercolour pencils as i'd already matted it up.

 Well as you read this i'll be on my coach to who knows where. I've scheduled another post for tomorrow,thanks for visiting. Di.xx

Friday, 28 May 2010

Ahh. bless!!

I loved making this card as much as i hated yesterdays. It's definitely more of a "me" card.This image was a freebie from Meljen's designs a few weeks ago. I've just had a look and i can't see it there now so it must have been for a limited time.
Sweeeeet or what? I love cats but i live in a flat so it wouldn't be fair to the poor little thing. If i ever won the lotto it would be estate agent first then cat rescue center before i even thought about furniture. I didn't have any suitable backing papers so i "did" some with promarkers. The sentiment is done on the computer and the little dogs are penny blacks. Card base is 5"x7".
I've made another quite decent card and a few thrown together jobs to do scheduled posts for the weekend with.  I'm off to work now till 6.30, then i'll do my bit of packing and open the wine! D'ya know what? Speedy is such a sweety pie ,he's just said "you can bring your laptop with you if you like". No way hun,otherwise you'll be very lonely. bless,love him to bits.

Friday weigh in, 9st 9lb. how did that happen? 2 cakes and a party last weekend life is strange,if i'd starved myself i'd have probably put weight on. So thats half a stone so far.I'd like to be 9st 2lb which is what i was ten years ago but we'll see............

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tilda's been framed.

Oh how i hated making this card yesterday! I had a head start with Tilda because i've got a sheet of her with her hair and skin all coloured and ready to finish to match the card. That's when the trouble started  deciding what colours to use. Then i decided to sit her in this Joanna Sheen frame. I was going to just leave it blue and white but i stupidly added a bit of lemon and peach to match tildas clothes .Then i decided it needed a nestie. It flippin' didn't, since when does a frame need a frame? Then i decided to add a layer of lemon.Why?!! Then i decided to complicate the rest of the card.
It was going to be such a simple blue and white jobby, i was going to paper piece the boots with the backing paper,which was different to the one i ended up using.
Then there's the flowers. I'm sick of putting flowers on cards but i'm stuck in a flower rut.Oh and i hate using coloured card bases so why did i do that too? You can't see it and it's a good job but i even gilded the ornate bits of the frame with a clear stardust gel pen!! It's just not a "me" card.  D'ya know what, i'm going away at the weekend for a couple of days and i think it's a good job. I might find a more logical mojo waiting for me when i get back.
Me and Speedy are going on one of these coach trips saturday to monday with all the oldies (back seat with the cider of course) and we don't know where the hell we're going because it's a mystery weekend, even the driver won't tell us where we're going until we get there.We've been on loads of them and we've never had a bad one yet (touch wood).The bit that Speedy's most gleeful about is that i can't pre google the craft shops if i don't know where we're going.
Unless i end up in the same state as yesterday i'll see if i can do some cards for scheduled posts while i'm away.
  Thanks for visiting. Di.x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ellzybels sheep.

Morning all, a bit dull but never mind. I've been up since 4.30 today as i couldn't get back to sleep. I could have done all my housework if  Speedy hadn't been asleep. I must be getting to "that age". My dad used to go mad when we were teenagers, he'd say we were wasting our lives asleep half the morning. I never thought i'd agree with him but i think i'm actually turning into him, ........well,... and my mother actually!
Well i managed to make a card anyway.

I cut another load of wedding invites to size on monday and i was about to chuck the offcuts when i thought  "there must be something i can do with these", so i kept them and here's what i did with them. The dotty paper is from a forever friends pad and the stamp is Ellzybels. I think there will be a few more cards very similar to this one.
I actually sewed the little rosette, yes that's right i sewed it! The little flower was from the market. I sorted a load of food magazines out while i was waiting for speedy to wake up. I tore out any recipes i fancy making before lobbing what was left of them. I keep them behind the settee and the pile was getting higher and higher so i thought it was about time i sorted them. Most of them are nearly all adverts anyway. Luckily we live in above a load of offices and there's a big recycling bin outside.
Right i'm off to do a tiny bit of ironing and a whole lot of playing.  Di.x

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Magnolia quickie.

A quickie post today as i'm going with Speedy for his hospital check up and then on to work.This is a simple little card i made when i got back from mums yesterday.

This is a magnolia stamp. Tilda is supposed to sit on it but she's behind the potting shed getting up to no good with Edwin! The paper is My Minds Eye and the card base is 5"x5".
                See you soon.  Di. x

Monday, 24 May 2010

This is obscene!!!

This is the biggest loaf  i've ever made!! I've been making these loaves for the past few weeks as we've been on a homemade soup and bread diet. I've used the same tescos white bread mix for them all but probably due to the heat this one turned out MASSIVE.

That is a 2p piece on the top just to give you an idea of the size of it. I start them in my bread machine on the dough programme, this one's got dried fried onions from the Asian food shop round the corner added to it.The temptation to hack the end off and scoff it with a pound of butter was unbelievable but hey, i didn't do it ,so i'm pleased with myself about that.I'm off to mums away from it now, i just hope she hasn't made me a cake, it'll have to go straight in the freezer if she has! I will be very lucky if i haven't put half a stone on this friday.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Pretty boxes.

Morning everyone! I went to a bit of a do at Speedys sisters house last night so for once i wasn't up at the crack of dawn.. We didn't get home that late but when we did i fell asleep in the chair until half three. Not good for the neck i tell ya.We don't really like going out at night as we're more afternoon boozers but we enjoyed it anyway.
Here a few boxes i made last week in a crafting frenzy.
I love making boxes even more than i love making cards and these wee quick and easy to make. It's ages since i inked up any edges as i think i sickened myself of it! They are made of papermill linen effect card and are only about 3"x4".
The stamp is by Penny Black and the flowers were from Hobbycraft. I'll put a few choccies in them and wait for someone to be kind (and i don't mean by buying me cakes either!)
Time for a cup of coffee now while anticipating more of this heat. We live in a flat so theres no such thing as sitting in the garden.There is a large garden but our flat is above a public building so it's not very private and we don't use it : (        See you soon . Di.xx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Drat, and double Drat!!!!

Can you believe the same catastrophe can happen twice in one day? Yesterday morning my bosses dad came in and asked if we would like anything from the pie shop. Patrick (young greedy sod) said he'd have a meat pie. I said "nowt for me i'm on a diet as you already know". Patrick-"get her a pie". Me "no thanks don't get me anything". Patrick-"get her a cake". Me " NO, i'm on a DIET, you KNOW that!!".  As you've guessed they bought me a meringue.Right, OK, whatever. I had it for lunch instead of the cup a soup i had taken with me. Next thing a mate of mine strolled in,  plonked a danish pastry on the counter and flounced out before i could say anything!! I remember a magazine article entitled "are your friends making you fat?" Well actually , YES.!
  Anyway here's todays cards.

Hedgies on sledgies! The stamp is from the Penny Black Christmas Critters set. The paper is one of the Docrafts pads i'm not sure which as the cover is missing.

Well that's it for now, i'm on my way to work I hope nobody comes anywhere near me with food!
   Thanks for visiting. Di.xx

Friday, 21 May 2010

What diet???

How's this for bad? I started this blog three months ago and on tuesday Speedy looked at it for the first time (interested or what?). And d'you know what, all he could say was " where did you get that photo, it makes you look old?"He was referring to my profile photo. So yesterday (LAUGH) i spent so much time holding my camera at arms length and saying "cheese" at it it's unbelievable! I finally settled on the one that's there now.A as far as i'm concerned it's no better,but Speedy's happy. And the rest of my blog Speedy......................?
 Oh well, this is bad as well, this is a scheduled post written last night, and i know the friday weigh in won't be good. So i give you this in anticipation!!

Yes this pair have been "clearing up" after a busy shift. The stamp is by Art Impressions. Paper is My Minds Eye and the border punch is Fiskars.The card base is 6"x6".

Still they look happy enough.Oh, the lips!!! They were meant to look full, but i went over the edges,promarkers aren't the best for precision colouring are they?
Well that's me for today, apart for the weigh in !!

Friday weigh in 9st  10lb. Nothing lost this week but at least i haven't put any back on so i'm ok with it.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The gleesome threesome.

Hi everyone, lovely morning ,weather looks a bit better today. I need to walk into town for some food shopping so i hope it doesn't get too hot. I spent most of yesterday on my bum making cards so i need to "spend" some calories as i don't think i've lost any weight this week (oh dear).The hobby certainly doesn't help does it? Oh, and i need some lace from Abakhan to finish some boxes i've been making.   This is one of the cards i made yesterday.

The stamp is by Whipper Snapper and i love colouring it. These ladies have definitely rang each other up to synchronise their outfits! I don't think they're out to lunch.they look like they're off to see their local MP God help him!

The papers are from the DCWV Retro stack. I added a few flat back gems for a bit of bling. The card base is 6"x6". Time to go and wake the sleeping beauty now and kick him out to work, then i'll get showered and off i'll go. I bet i don't just buy lace from Abakhan either........what d'ya reckon?      Di.x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Lazy sod!

Just a quickie post today as i'm about to give the flat a quick whizz then hopefully spend the rest of the day "on the cards".
This card was made using Clare Curds "It's a mans world" stamp set. I coloured Mr Lazy with promarkers. You can't see in the photo but the "toys" and beer are on 3d pads. The papers are Brenda Pinnick.
Right , hoover at the ready, action stations and off i go.  See you soon. Di.x

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Anudder cow card.

Guess how much i spent in Hobbycaft yesterday?  £7 yes that's 7 measly quid! I was there for nearly two hours. I let my card sales money mount up and when i get a half decent amount i buy myself some stash, well at least i try to. I should have stayed home and done some internet shopping. All i got was some glue dots some pretzel bags (tall and slim cello bags for gifty sweety things) and a hobbycraft own brand border punch. I was a bit dubious about the punch as it was only £2.95 but it worked fine on paper and thinnish card.I haven't made anything with it yet.I decided to play with Annabelle instead.

Annabelle is a stamp set by C.C. Designs, i got mine from Dies to Die for. The background is a stamp from one of the Ellzybels farm animals sets. I put the milk cartons and glasses on 3d foam pads.

After i took the photo i decided to put some glossy accents on the milk glasses. Off to work now but off tomorrow.
      Thanks for looking. Di.xx

P.S. Julie and anyone else who is wondering, yes the Tesco cards and envelopes are really good quality, i use the square ones a lot when i don't need a textured card blank. Definitely worth a fiver, ive got at least six packs stashed away! Admittedly there not the bright white that they used to be but still white enough for me.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Off to hobbycraft

Naughty me, i'm up nice and early today as i've got a very strong desire to go to Hobbycraft, lord knows why, i'm always disappointed when i get there.I don't even need anything, i think it may be because the sun is out. Mind you Tesco Home Extra is next door and they sell cards and envies at £5 for 50 so i'll not be coming back empty handed, oh and there's a TK Maxx too.
Here's a card i made yesterday in my nice tidy room , which is still tidy!

The stamp is Penny Black of course and the papers are my favourite Brenda Pinnick.I paper pieced the balloons. I love paper piecing and would happily do it on every card i make but i don't in case i get bored with it.

I finished it off with some doodling and some punched flowers and leaves.
Has anyone else been having trouble positioning photos on their blog posts? For the last week it has taken me exactly 3 tries with every photo to get it to go where i want instead of at the top of the post. I have to click on remove and try again and always on the third try, it works. Very irritating. I've put a post in Blogger help forum but had no reply yet.
Well i must hurry and get ready and get out as it would only take one drop of rain to put me off going.
    Bye for now. Di.xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

He's got the bug.

My boss has definitely got the bug. The love bug..............for his Beetle. He's only 22 and i love him to bits but on fridays i have to spend 11 hours listening to him waffling on about his beloved car,and with it being a newsagent shop this means he's got access to all the latest car mags! So all day it's " oh wow look at this Di" and "i'm deffo gonna get one of these for my car". I tell him to shut up and it's still "only a car". He looks at me as if i've just chopped his dangly bits off and within 10 minutes he's at it again. Fair do's though it is a crackin' car and he's spent thousands on it, he parks it outside the shop and swells with pride when people stop to admire it. The reason i'm telling you all this is because he lets me sell my cards in the shop and doesn't take any of the money. I've even got a card fixture which he doesn't use anymore.So i was looking through my stamps and thought bless him i'm going to make him a couple of cards for a little thank you pressie.

The first one is made from the DCWV Retro stack.

The second is made with paper out of an old atlas.The stamp is by Funstamps.I gave them to him yesterday . I said "here you are luv, a freebie off the card rep". It took a while for me to get him to realise what i meant. They are intended for him to use for his mates birthdays but i'd like to bet they'll end up on his bedroom wall with all his other regalia.
     Well that's me for today, things to, do places to go, debt to get into.......................

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nine lives.

This is a quick little card i made before i decided to blitz my craft room on Thursday.
The stamp is by Incastamp and i got it for £2 in WHS bargain bit. I wonder if it's meant to represent the nine lives of a cat? Maybe not because there's a dog version too.(not for £2 though). The backing paper is from the Papermania Hampstead pad.I don't know whether you can see it but i added a tiny green gem to the cats collar.The card base was a tentfold linen look chopped up by my own fair hands from a piece of A4.
  Off to get ready for work now or i'll be late.  Di. xx

Friday, 14 May 2010

I've been such a good girl.

A few weeks after starting my blog i showed you a photo of my craft room.I had lost my mojo and trashed the place trying to find it. I'm sure you've all done it yourselves.This is what it looked like and to be honest it's been more or less the same ever since........well ............since before then actually!

In fact looking at the photo now, it got much worse to the left side. Everything was piled up. When i needed paper and card they were at the bottom of the pile then i needed my pens and they were at the bottom of the pile now, and so on,every time i unearthed something i buried something else.
 Well yesterday day i got sick of it. I tried to make some cards and was getting more and more annoyed with myself so i stopped and went and got a bin bag. I went through everything and sorted it into rubbish and charity shop.,it took hours! Here is the finished result, take a look as it probably won't last.

Bliss next time a make any cards.Why do we keep all those half made cards which didn't wok out, all those bits of  kits we started off with from "Create and Crap" and all those bits of scrap paper that we don't even like?

Look at the nice clean desk, no blobs of glitter glue or streaks of ink.No scraps of card and paper all over the guillotine.

I've always stored my promarkers in an A4 really useful box with the colour chart stuck inside the lid. I'm sick of foraging around trying to find certain colours so i put the greys,browns, greens and skin tones into zippy bags, problem solved.

All my A4 card is nice and neat again, i think i got this file box from WHS, i seem to remember using a £5 off stationary voucher towards it,otherwise it would have been Rymans as there's nowhere else in Chester. All my scraps of coloured card are separated into colours in A4 zipper wallets in the tub with the red lid. That was from B&M.
I was so pleased that i only just managed to stop myself ringing speedy to get a bottle of wine. I decided to wait until tonight in case it ruined the weigh in! Oh and in case you're wondering..........yes i did keep the peel offs!!

Friday weigh in 9st 10lb but only just, after squeezing out a second pee! Thats one more pound off making it 6 in total. So glad i didn't have that wine last night.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

More christmas cards.

Two of my favourite things, Penny Black stamps and christmas.I know it's early but i need to make a few each month because i also make quite a lot of my gifts and stocking fillers so i'm determined to avoid the usual last minute panic this year.

This stamp is from the Holly Days clear set. the papers are Brenda Pinnick available now and again from QVC. They're usually on the Rosemary Merry shows on craft days. 200 sheets of good quality 12x12 for around £10 , keep your eyes peeled. Ohh, look one of my little leaves is bent!
 I'm staying in today as there aren't many mens cards left at work so i need to make some more and i need to carry on with another batch of wedding invitations.
  Bye for now. Di. x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Don't get shirty cos i'm late!

Evening all . Late on parade today because i've been to my mums.Me and sis took her to Aldi and Tesco's, it's like a big day out for her as she's on her own and can't carry much. I don't drive but Nat does so it gives me a chance to get a load of shopping for myself. I hate going to the supermarket with Speedy because he has to buy one of everything in the shop and it all gets thrown out 2 weeks later.
I started a card this morning before i went out but didn't have time to finish it

The stamp is by Funstamps and is coloured with promarkers. The papers are Clare Curd and i used one of the designs to paper piece the tie.I added a bit of 3D glaze over the buttons for an extra bit of dimension.
I took this photo in electric light which i don't normally do but i think i like it better than the daylight ones. I'll have to try some more.
  Well, i think i'd better go and do Speedy's tea before he comes in.  love Di. x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chocolate, crimped and pimped.

Funny how we can fall in and out of love so quickly isn't it? Last week my new love was my peel offs, this week they've been dumped in favour of my crimper! Lucky for Speedy i'm not like that with men! This time i've used it for something else we've all seen before but sometimes we need a memory jog. Last christmas my mum was stuck for little extras to give to people and as she can't get about as easily as she used to i said get me some choccy stuff and i'll package it up for you nice and festive like. Well next time i went she had a huge carrier bag of chocolate and sweets.This is one of the quickies i made, without the "new" flower of course.
Choc bar from Tesco and the stamp is by Penny Black but you could print something off the computer. Thats all you need really and a bit of fancy paper. Mine is Brenda Pinnick.
The crimped ends make such a difference,just stick together with a bit of double sided tape first.Again it's another nice little idea for fathers day. It's got a good sell by date so i'll keep it towards Speedys birthday in July,at least i won't be tempted to rip my work open and scoff it.
I'm back to work today so i saved this as a draft last night because i won't have my head together after being able to lie in till at least half six for the past week.
 Thanks for visiting. Di.x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Flower box.

Hello everyone,did you all pop over to Lynns blog yesterday? I've had a paper crimper for ages, well I've got two, one like Lynns and another one which i bought first and is the one i used to make my flowers with.
I bought it from The Works. It was with the kids stuff in a little kit with some bits of naff card but it was only £2.99 and it works perfectly.The only reason i bought the other one is because it was bigger.I loved how those flowers came out because they have a slightly fluffy shabby surface. Anyway, as i said yesterday, i was able to finish a box i'd started making and here it is.
It's made with black hessian look card from The Papermill Shop. The patterned paper is from the new Papermania Hampstead pad.The width of the sides is 21/2" and it's 5" high.Because it's not a girly box it would be nice for a fathers day gift. I thought it might fit a nice jar of jam or chutney but the ones i've got in the cupboard are slightly too wide. I'm sure i've seen some slimmish jars around , i'll have to take my ruler to Tescos! Our dads are putting the world to rights in heaven now but i'm sure i can find someone to give it to.
Here's a close up of the top.
I think i need to sharpen my leaf punch!
Right i need to get off my bum now and take a walk into town and burn of some of those weekend calories.
                  See you soon. Di.xx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wow!! How cool is this!!

D'ya know what there's some clever sods out there.Me and Speedy have different sleep requirements i.e i need about 5 hours a night and he needs about 10. This means i get 5 hours extra to stalk peoples galleries and blogs. Well i was doing a bit of stalking and through SCS gallery i found a site called Learn to stamp and scrap with Lynn Larson.The reason i went to her site was to check out some Flowers she'd made and blow me there was a tutorial! Now i've seen these type of flowers before but theres something different about hers.I'll show you my first attempt but you'll have to visit her blog to see whats so different.
I have made a box which has been sitting around waiting for me to find a suitable finishing touch and these are just what i need. I'll finish it off and blog it tomorrow. Pardon ? What?  Oh you want the link. O.K. it's HERE.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yappy Birthday.

I didn't make any cards yesterday, i just didn't feel like it. I went with Speedy for his hospital check up ( to cut a long story short he had a prostate op last year) and tests showed his flow wasn't as strong as it was last time.They said it was likely scar tissue from his op blocking his pipes a bit and he is going to have to self catheterise, every other day to start, then less often, to keep the tubes open. Well i felt sick !! I though i was either going to throw up or pass out, i was even eyeing up the waste bucket in the corner.He had to do this while he was waiting for his op which was an emergency one so it wasn't for long. It was just such a shock because last time he went he was told he'd probably just need one more check up as everything was fine.Keep your beady eye on your other halfs waterworks because he had problems for ages that i didn't know about. March him off to the doctor if he starts peeing too often and nip it in the bud. The good thing is that there was no cancer but he's done a lot of pressure damage to one of his kidneys due to a back up of urine.Oh dear, i hope i haven't put you off your  lunch!
Anyway i've raided picasa and found 2 half decent cards.
I made these at least a year ago so i don't know what the papers are.The stamp is Penny Black.I did the little caption on the computer. I hold my hands up to "stealing" it from somewhere but i don't know where.
I keep thinking it's sunday today, i usually work saturday morning but i've been off this week and it feels really weird. I;m going to trundle off into my den now and see if i can do better than yesterday.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Fallin' in love again..............

Yesterday i showed you some cards made from peel offs and scraps. Well today i've got something made from the scraps left over from the scraps!! And do you know what? I'm in love with peel offs again!! I don't know how long for though, it's almost like having another try with your ex, renewed enthusiasm at first, then back to the "ugh just go away"! Anyway,take a look at these then go and and dig out your exes.
I made yesterday's cards and these 4"x4" cards  out of 2 sheets of peel offs and managed to make a box to put them in.I must admit i've got a thing about making little notecard sets and i really enjoyed making these.I hate to say it but i may even buy a couple more sheets of this design.
I've also got something else to show you. I won some blog candy from Gay at Dippy Doodles and it arrived yesterday apart from cardmaking goodies she also sent me a bookmark and a bag charm/keyring which she's made.
They are really beautiful. If anyone would like some she has some for sale here. Thank you very much Gay.

Oh, i nearly forgot. It's the friday weigh in. By some miracle i weighed 9st 11lb this morning! thats another pound off making it 5 altogether. I really don't know how i managed it because i was very naughty at the weekend.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Come on ......confess.................

Who's got loads of peel offs then? I know i have, i've got stacks in fact. I bought loads from create & craft when i first started cardmaking and before i discovered stamps and colouring.I hadn't thought about them until i started those wedding invites which prompted me to get them out and try to make some money back from them.Most of them are really naff but a couple of them were worthy of a play.

I sell my cards at the newsagent where i work and it always puzzles me why people choose certain cards over others. This type of card sells quite well when some that i've spent ages colouring and faffing about with for the same price can sit on the shelf for ever. There's a beautiful Tilda one there which may as well be invisible. These were quick and easy to make, i just plonked the peel offs onto some scrap papers and cut them out.

The cards are 6"x6", one white and one ivory. I'll take them to work next week and hopefully turn trash into cash. I also made some little 4"x4" cards which i'll show you tomorrow.
And yes.......i know i'm supposed to be making those invites but it drives me mad doing loads of the same thing so i'm just doing a few a day. Actually this isn't funny but i haven't made any today................yet....   I think i'd better do a bit of housework first to keep the guilt monster away.
 See you soon. Di.x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The first day of you know what.

More christmas cards today. These are some i made last week. I try and make at least 2 or 3 at a time and more if the design is simple like these.
These little birdies are from the Penny Black 12 days of Christmas clear set which i love because some of them can be used all year round I coloured them with promarkers and chalked the background.The dotty papers are from a Brenda Pinnick stack from QVC.
.I scored 2 lines at the top and bottom of the cards just to add a bit of interest and added a few gold glitter circle stickers to finish. The card bases are 4"x6" from Tesco Home Extra.
 I may nip to Liverpool later. I only live a 2 minute walk away from Chester station but if i go too early i'll be coming back on the same train as the people on their way to Chester races and i don't fancy that as half of them will be drunk already.
                    See you soon. Di xx.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wedding invites.

What a day i've had!!! Well it started yesterday at the Papermill shop. I went to get more burgundy card for the wedding invitations forgetting i'd got the first lot from Liverpool and yes you've guessed they didn't have exactly the same colour.I also needed ivory for the front panels and bought some which i wasn't entirely happy with but it was all they had. So this morning i decided to make a start with what i had because thats what i've taken a week off for. I've ditched microsoft word and suchlike off my computer to give myself loads of space as i don't really use it for office type stuff. That just leaves my with "My Craft Studio". Anyone who has got one of these CDs will know the faff involved with centering stuff etc. An hour later we're ready to print. The ink bled out on the ivory card so i nipped up to Rymans and got some of the coated stuff. Fantastic...except my printer was printing in pink now! Several head cleans later and it was fine again.I was actually able to start the cards at half past one.
I managed to make 18 as i decided to put a gold mirri layer and only had a few sheets.The ivory layer has got Neil & Nina written all over it to save it being too plain I discovered a site called Backing paper generator a while back which came in handy. Once iv'e got the rest of the stuff i'll be able to do do the rest really quickly as they are a nice easy design. Thanks Nina for not wanting the earth. The only thing that was requested and i thought,  "oh no", was that i try and do something similar to an ivy tattoo she has on her hip. Guess what was hanging on the peel off stand at the papermill shop? Easy peasy. Now i've got to figure out the inserts but after todays faff i;m deffo going to buy the M&S CD.The colours don't really show very well but the writing on the ivory panel is a deepish cream, the only good thing about My Craft Studio is that you can alter the opaque and transparency so its hardly there.
  Right,time to make some creamed sweetcorn and chorizo soup, the diet went to the wall at the weekend!

Out to lunch.

A little something to chew on while i make a start on those wedding invites. I took this photo at Cheste zoo 2 years ago.
Grass.....YUM !                    May report later,off to lock myself in my den,i don't know how long for though, LOL.


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