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Friday, 7 September 2012

Speedy recovery cards.

A quick update on Speedy. Wednesday and Thursday were not very good days for him. They took him off the morphine and replaced it with paracetamol which isn't as strong. He was in quite a lot of pain as morphine causes constipation, as well as the fact that they "inflated" him to do the op. He was warned of the windy pops before the op, but there wasn't much of that happening. It was just staying inside and bloating him even more. Today he felt much better, and when the doctor asked him, ( this is so funny.......well I think it is anyway ), had he passed any wind this morning he said " a little bit". At this, the bloke in the next bed poked his head through the curtain and said. "You did two bloody big uns in the night, nearly frightened me to death"! Needless to say this was why he's feeling better today,lol.

I made him and his sister,Diane matching cards. This is Speedy's.

And this is Diane's.

The images are Meljens Digis again and the paper was free in a mag a few months ago.

I added the caption on the computer.

More cards arrived this morning but I left the house before they arrived so I'll take them tomorrow.

I was in school in the early seventies and was inevitably a Supertramp fan. I sort of forgot about this with the evolution and progression towards other groups and music styles. There is always one song by Supertramp which never left my head. It is back in my head now. I went to Google Videos and found Roger Hodgson to have turned out to be such a sweetie pie. Here is the track, back in my life with so much more meaning. Sorry if it's a bit jumpy.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Speedy is Sorted !!

Yes peeps, Speedy has 3 kidneys! His transplant went really well yesterday and his new kidney started to work straight away. All the surgeons are made up.He came back up to the ward sporting a bag full of pee!! He was really groggy and wired up to the hilt. I left him in a semi awake state.
I went back today and this is Speedy under the influence of lots of morphine and a bit of ice cream.

A few minutes after this ,there was a bit of a trauma because his morphine ran out at the same time as he needed to cough.The pain came back, and as 2 qualified nurses had to deal with the replacement as it was a certain type of drug, he had to wait what seemed like ages but was probably about 15 minutes. It wasn't nice to see him in so much pain and I had a go at the nurses when they arrived but this is what the NHS is turning into. The second nurse was dealing with something equally urgent and we had to wait.

Anyway, as much as I love him to bits, enough of him. Without his sister Diane this wouldn't be happening.She was always the family hero anyway. She was in nursing as a career, and she and her husband Gareth, along with Speedy,took on the major role in looking after after Speedy's dad in his later years after he had a stroke. Dad has now departed and Diane spends a lot of time at Mothers helping her as she is almost blind now.

 Just look at her!

This is zoomed in from a photo taken at Speedy's 60th party. I dread to think what I'd look like if anyone zoomed in on me! Would you believe she is Speedy's OLDER sister?! She has hardly a wrinkle and is obviously just as preserved on the inside.Her kidney was removed by keyhole surgery. I won't go into detail for the sake of the squeamish but I was amazed at how they remove it. Go to Google videos if you're as curious as me.

Monday was a very emotional day for her husband and myself. He must be so proud of his wife.I know I'm very proud of my sister in law. Thank you Diane. Love you so much.xx.

Once again thanks for all cards received so far, and those yet to come.


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