Welcome to my blog. I hope you find plenty of inspiration here. Nothing too fancy, no great skills required, just lots of cards, gifts and perhaps the odd bit of shopping.

My blog contains lots of links to freebies. Without sounding like "mother" can I ask you to leave a kind comment to the generous givers of such fabulous artwork. I know of at least a couple of artists who are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. Thanks. X

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Funny Footy Card.

Here's another card using one of the captions i found at Gingers House. Again i'm guilty of not making a note of which page i found it on but i'm sure you'll have fun finding it as there's loads to be had.
The footballer stamp is by Papernation.The papers are from my scrap mountain and the cardboard embellies are by either Papermania or Dovecraft. I've had them for years and don't use them very often as most are either printed off centre or are creased and bent. Not one of my better buys. the card base is 6" x6".

 Guess what?  I hate football. Luckily, so does speedy..

Friday, 28 January 2011

Love This Freebie Image.

Morning all. Back to work this morning after my usual Wednesday and Thursday off.I managed to make a few cards. My mojo has been reawakened by the availability of free images. I get them from Free Digital Stamps, link at the bottom of my sidebar. I was a bit dubious about how this one would print out but i love it.
I got it from Arthur's Clipart. Go get it !! I added the " best friends" before printing it out. It had to be re sized and i printed a couple of sheets of  6 because it can be used for so much, like anniversaries etc. The circle sentiment was another freebie from Sentiments 4 You. The backing papers were from my scraps and the card base is 6" x 6".

Target weight 9st 2lb.  Today's weight, 9st 3lb. Another one back off, ( again by the skin of my teeth).

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Another male card.

I've made 3 cards this morning but the light is so bad i only took a pic of this one in the hope that it might be brighter tomorrow.
The funny little chap is from a set called Ethel and Murray. I bought it from Create and Craft years ago . I should use it more often as there's some cheeky old dears in the set as well as the captions to go with them. I used a 5" x5" card base and the circle greeting is from Craftwork Cards. The wonky faux stitching is done with a gold Sakura gel pen.

Completely off the subject, Speedy is a mechanic and works for himself. All through our marriage i've had to guess what time he's coming home for his evening meal. Even if we agree on a time someone turns up at the garage wanting a quick job done, so i've been limited to making stuff that will hang around the stove top, ie curry, chilli, casseroles etc. Anything which has to be cooked for a precise length of time is out of the question. I'm totally against reheating food as it carries on cooking it. I also like us to eat our meal together at the table. A few weeks ago i was in B&M and i spotted the solution. It was only £21.99 so it was worth a try. Here's a pic of the Argos version.
 What a godsend it is ! We can have roast dinners. The meat is carved in the gravy in one tray, carrots and sprouts in the other and cauliflower cheese done and the top browned under the grill in the third. Voila! all the pans and roasting dishes are washed and put away. And the roasties?  Cooked and ready to blast in a hot oven when i get the "i'm on my way" phone call. Bliss! I would even pay the £49.99 from Argos. The cookery books are out and plans are being made. Look out diet,lol.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thank You Card.

I was having a look around Meljens Designs Blog last week and noticed a link about a quarter of the way down the left sidebar to a free download. There are 23 digi stamps to be had. I already had some of them but was ever so grateful for the rest as they woke my mojo.
I love this little giraffe. I opened it with My Craft Studio and added the caption before printing it out. The backing paper is a scrap and the daisies are made with a Personal Impressions punch. The card base is 6" x6".
I'm going to get myself something to eat then grab myself another bin bag and go on the prowl for more stuff to chuck out. Wish me luck..........................

Friday, 21 January 2011

And one for the men.

Here's a version of the card i posted on wednesday, this time for the men.

There is a link to the site where i got the word art from on my last post but as i said, i didn't have the brains to keep the page it was on so happy hunting. There's loads more to be had there anyway. I printed it out and then stamped my image next to it. My favourite "blokey" stamp is by Art Impressions, i love him to bits, i suppose he reminds me of Speedy,lol. The beer barrel and the pints were from Papermania, "it's a mans world" and " stamping for him" clear sets. The backing paper is from DCWV Retro stack and the card base is 6"x6".

I decided to brave the cold and the fog yesterday and get the bus to Wrexham. I got there and it was cold but the sun was blazing, so much so that i had to shield my eyes to see where i was going. I got half way home and entered back into the fog zone. Strange how 2 neighbouring towns can have such different weather. I was a bit disappointed in what the shops had to offer so i've still got Christmas money burning a hole. Lucky me.

Target weight, 9st 2lb. Today's weight 9st 4lb. 1lb back off by the skin of my teeth.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A simple statement.

Here's a card, albeit a simple one. About time too, i think the old mojo could be sneaking back,lol. A little snoop around the freebies at Free digital stamps (see badge at the bottom right of my page) has helped a lot.
I found the free word art at Gingers House. I collected quite a few but i forgot to take note of which page this one was on. Silly me but at least you can have fun looking for it and collect a few along the way. the papers are from Clare Curds signature stack and it goes quite well with Dolly Mama's hair. i did the feathery thing in her hair with a black glitter pen but the photo doesn't show it very well. The card base is 6" x6".

You'll never guess what i did on monday. I sewed !! I was fed up of the horrible fake pine table and benches that came with the flat. It's worse for wear but i don't want to get rid of it because i keep my bread maker, food processor and knife set on there. So i went to Abakhan up the road and got some material and made a tablecloth and some curtains. I hated every second  (lord knows why i've got a sewing machine,lol) but the kitchen looks much better now. Still crap though as it has old late seventies cupboards. We've paid over 40 grand in rent and it bugs me that when we move out that money will probably pay for a revamp.
Never mind, such is life....................

Friday, 14 January 2011

Oooh, i made a card !

You've no idea how long it took me to make this card,lol, and how much mess i made in the process. I ve been more interested in sorting my flat out and chucking stuff in the bin but as this is a card making blog i thought i'd better make an effort.
I got caught up in the excitement before Christmas at the Docrafts forum when Cardcraft were doing a special offer of Goody bags for £5 each. I ordered 3 and gave the parcel unwrapped to speedy to put with my Christmas pressies. Although they were worth £5 each they are not what i would normally buy so they are a bit of a challenge along with the missing mojo.

I used one of the blank cards, (there was 30, plus envies in each goody bag) and some backing paper and the birthday sentiment. The cake and the caption is from a Woodware clear set.
I've thrown loads of stuff out and i haven't started on Speedy's yet. He has so many clothes (naff ones the ex wife bought, 12 years ago,lol) which are never going to fit him so i'm going to have to whip him into action. I'm not doing it for him but i'll be watching over him. The kitchen is getting there, such a big kitchen but not enough storage so i've made space in the cupboards for stuff that was hanging around the worktops. I must admit to being a bit of a gadget freak and the bag sealer did come in handy for sealing my sweet bags but it is now inside the cupboard with the sausage/ mince machine,lol. Just need room for the ice cream maker and the slow cooker now. I do use all this gadgetry though, homemade sausages and ice cream are the best.

Speeking of food.....Target weight, 9st 2lb,  Today's weight 9st 5lb same as last week. I need at least 1lb off for next friday.......................

Monday, 10 January 2011

Get Out of my House !

O.K. Here comes January and the instinct to clean the nest. I said instinct, not desire lol. A lot of us are turning our thoughts to black bin bags and rubbish dumps. My home is like a rubbish dump at the moment.
Well it isn't really but that's how i see it. Today i've made a start clearing stuff that's been accumulating over the years. Most of it belongs to Speedy by the way and it's going to be hard work getting him to part with useless items. The living room is fine but the bedroom and spare room need a total sling out. Anything new that enters the flat has nowhere to go. Storage is a problem anyway as there are boxed in pipes all around the outer walls which means nothing can go flush against the wall. I'm going to have to be totally ruthless.  I think if i get this sorted my mojo will come back. I tried to make a card today but i can't seem to get on with paper and card at the moment as i know i should be doing more important things. Wish me luck y'all !
Oh, and listen to this !!! Me and Speedy fell asleep after a couple of drinkies on Saturday. I was woken to the Sound of Speedy saying  "Di, there's a fly in my ear, there's a fly in my ear" ! We tried to flush it out with water and a dropper without success and i was thinking it must only be a tiny little thing to get into a mans hairy ear. But no, he went to the docs today and it was a full blown house fly,lol. How gross !!  And no my flat isn't that bad that it's full of flies. It may be cluttered but it's clean,lol. See you soon.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Shopping Trip

No cards today because while my mojo is on strike i took the opportunity to go to Liverpool Papermill Shop yesterday. As all their shops seem to be closing down one by one i thought i'd better go and stock up mainly with the white card i use for my 6 x 6 (ish) card bases. There were 3 assistants at the till and i asked if people had been panic buying. No answer, so i said " you know, with some of your other shops closing". Just a one word reply "no". Then i said " there's plenty of panicking going on on the Docrafts website". No reply again. So i didn't pursue it any further, no point, they must only employ robots. I don't slag shop assistants very often as i am one myself and there's always 2 sides to the story but these 3 were just not interested in conversation,lol. I got 3 large boxes, so come on mojo where are you?
Here's a little photo fom Cute Overload. A great site with lots of funny pics and videos. Daft dogs and scatty cats etc. Go and have a peek.

Yes, i know what day it is lol. Ahem...... target weight 9st 2lb,   todays weight, 9st 5lb. Not bad as i've ate and drank for Queen and country for 3 weeks . No point in doing anything about it yet as there's still "stuff" in the house but look out treadmill, i'm coming to get ya soon....................

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hi, remember me?

I,m back ! I haven't really felt like creating this last couple of weeks, probably because of the pre Christmas frenzy but my mojo has been on strike. I dragged myself into my den this morning for fear of never wanting to go back in. I just made a couple of simple baby cards, then the guilt fairy kicked in. Speedy has gone back to work today and i've got my 2 days off so i should be doing the big post Christmas sort out. Anyway here's my humble offering.
I don't know whether it's the light or there's something wrong with my camera as my pics aren't that clear lately, a bit fuzzy around the edges. I won't know until we get a nice sunny day. The image is a digi from Pink Gem Designs.
The papers are from my towering scrap box which never seems to get any less full. I added a few punched flowers and some gems and stickles. The card base is 5"x5".
Right, "guilt fairy", you can have your wicked way with me for a couple of hours. I'll do a bit of cleaning and sorting then i'll see about skulking back into my den.
Thanks for visiting. I hope i can come up with some more cards today . I've even got Christmas stash money going mouldy because i'm not even in the mood for craft shopping yet.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year.

Oh dear, what happened to my Christmas snowman,lol. He looked beautiful in draft but when he was published he was a Right sight. Still i didn't have time to mess about with him so that's what you got, the alternative snowman, lol. It's been one of those Christmas's. I've had a chest infection and wish i'd sorted everything sooner, but don't we all wish that, chest infection or not? I had a few crafty pressies but Speedy has had time off and i don't like to disappear in to my den and leave him on his own although i have done a bit of colouring while i've been sitting here. So i will be back next week sometime.  
            And may we all have at least 2011 new ideas to share this year. I'll be back very soon. In the meantime take a look at this beautiful blog, nowt to do with cardmaking but such an inspiration, a bit late for this Christmas but there's always the next one.

                                                  Happy New Year.


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