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My blog contains lots of links to freebies. Without sounding like "mother" can I ask you to leave a kind comment to the generous givers of such fabulous artwork. I know of at least a couple of artists who are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. Thanks. X

Monday, 2 January 2012

My final regular post.

Happy new year everyone. I hope you achieve everything you wish for this year. After a long hard consideration I've decided not to continue with my blog on a regular basis. When I started out the blog was influenced by my card making. Somehow I let this totally turn around so my craft was ruled by my blog and what my followers would like to see.I felt (and quite rightly too) the need to give links to the free artwork I have used in my creations, which sometimes took me a long while to trace the origins if I hadn't already saved the page addresses.My blog also sometimes got in the way of doing stuff that wasn't really blogworthy ie, repeat stuff or items using images I didn't have links for.
I didn't do typing at school and as a result ( although I was good at  English), I can look up from my laptop and find I've done a whole sentence in capitals which is a real pain. It happens all the time, lol.
 Thank you so much to the 14 people who have asked me to carry on. I will continue to follow your blogs. I had 203 followers. 4 have jumped ship already. It sort of says it all.
If I have anything unusual or particularly seasonal to share I will post it here.

Thank you to my faves, Coops, Jules,Lee from St Agnes, Jules,always with a heart,Teresa, Incy, Liegh, Irene,Kay, Faith,Barbara, Julie Smith, Tilly, Sheila Cyprus, Triciasconfetti, Ali, Purple mad Alison, Lynn, Crafty Loops,Judi, Ali, Karen, And any regular readers.
My next project is to update my really naff rented kitchen. Curtains, tablecloth, mugs etc.Maybe a crafty make or two................

Oh and this is the real biggie....Target weight 9st 2lb. Today a whopping 9st 6lb1!!!!


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