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My blog contains lots of links to freebies. Without sounding like "mother" can I ask you to leave a kind comment to the generous givers of such fabulous artwork. I know of at least a couple of artists who are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. Thanks. X

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sad News.

Just a short post to say that my mum passed away peacefully in hospital on the 21st of December. She was 92. She took ill in July with a chest infection which led to her having fluid on her lungs. She lost her appetite, or so we thought. We tried all ways over the next few months to get her to eat. She was losing a lot of weight and was getting weaker and weaker.To cut a long story short, she was admitted to hospital at the beginning of December and tests showed she was in the late stages of cancer. She was too ill and weak for treatment but luckily she wasn't in pain. Just the discomfort and indignity of being bedridden for 3 weeks.Her body was shutting down and she wanted to go to my dad. I visited her 2 days before she died and she seemed to have a sudden rush of energy.She was very alert and knew it wasn't proper visiting time. She was demanding food and laughing about it. She ate half a sandwich and some jelly and ice cream and even had the strength to give me a hug before I left. But then she suddenly became very tired again.Less than 48 hour later she was gone. I will always remember that last little hour with her. She gave me the strength to go and finish my Christmas tasks. Thank you mum.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Speedy recovery cards.

A quick update on Speedy. Wednesday and Thursday were not very good days for him. They took him off the morphine and replaced it with paracetamol which isn't as strong. He was in quite a lot of pain as morphine causes constipation, as well as the fact that they "inflated" him to do the op. He was warned of the windy pops before the op, but there wasn't much of that happening. It was just staying inside and bloating him even more. Today he felt much better, and when the doctor asked him, ( this is so funny.......well I think it is anyway ), had he passed any wind this morning he said " a little bit". At this, the bloke in the next bed poked his head through the curtain and said. "You did two bloody big uns in the night, nearly frightened me to death"! Needless to say this was why he's feeling better today,lol.

I made him and his sister,Diane matching cards. This is Speedy's.

And this is Diane's.

The images are Meljens Digis again and the paper was free in a mag a few months ago.

I added the caption on the computer.

More cards arrived this morning but I left the house before they arrived so I'll take them tomorrow.

I was in school in the early seventies and was inevitably a Supertramp fan. I sort of forgot about this with the evolution and progression towards other groups and music styles. There is always one song by Supertramp which never left my head. It is back in my head now. I went to Google Videos and found Roger Hodgson to have turned out to be such a sweetie pie. Here is the track, back in my life with so much more meaning. Sorry if it's a bit jumpy.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Speedy is Sorted !!

Yes peeps, Speedy has 3 kidneys! His transplant went really well yesterday and his new kidney started to work straight away. All the surgeons are made up.He came back up to the ward sporting a bag full of pee!! He was really groggy and wired up to the hilt. I left him in a semi awake state.
I went back today and this is Speedy under the influence of lots of morphine and a bit of ice cream.

A few minutes after this ,there was a bit of a trauma because his morphine ran out at the same time as he needed to cough.The pain came back, and as 2 qualified nurses had to deal with the replacement as it was a certain type of drug, he had to wait what seemed like ages but was probably about 15 minutes. It wasn't nice to see him in so much pain and I had a go at the nurses when they arrived but this is what the NHS is turning into. The second nurse was dealing with something equally urgent and we had to wait.

Anyway, as much as I love him to bits, enough of him. Without his sister Diane this wouldn't be happening.She was always the family hero anyway. She was in nursing as a career, and she and her husband Gareth, along with Speedy,took on the major role in looking after after Speedy's dad in his later years after he had a stroke. Dad has now departed and Diane spends a lot of time at Mothers helping her as she is almost blind now.

 Just look at her!

This is zoomed in from a photo taken at Speedy's 60th party. I dread to think what I'd look like if anyone zoomed in on me! Would you believe she is Speedy's OLDER sister?! She has hardly a wrinkle and is obviously just as preserved on the inside.Her kidney was removed by keyhole surgery. I won't go into detail for the sake of the squeamish but I was amazed at how they remove it. Go to Google videos if you're as curious as me.

Monday was a very emotional day for her husband and myself. He must be so proud of his wife.I know I'm very proud of my sister in law. Thank you Diane. Love you so much.xx.

Once again thanks for all cards received so far, and those yet to come.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Few Christmas cards.

My hand is back to normal and I've started making my Christmas cards. I'm sticking to variations of the one design this year because for some reason, I don't really like making them.

The image is a Meljens digi and doesn't require a lot of fancy colouring in or a fancy layout. I added the sentiment on the computer.

The red and blue papers were free with a magazine a couple of months ago and the green is from my scraps.

The holly sprigs are also a Meljens digi which I scaled right down and cut out. The little mittens stamp is Hobbycraft's own brand. It is one of the little clear ones they do for about £1 each. I put a little blob of liquid pearls on the marshmallows and a sprinkling of glitter glue. The cards are 5"x5".

The lovely Speedy is having his Kidney transplant on Monday. Him and his sister both go into Liverpool Royal on Sunday late afternoon. There is not much sleep going on at the Speed household lately I tell ya. He's terrified of doctors and hospitals,( as most of us are)  which is why he got into this state in the first place. It's not just the operation, it's the worrying about whether his body will reject the kidney. With modern medicine this shouldn't happen though. I want you all to keep your fingers, and legs crossed for the next week or so!  I'll keep you all informed. Thanks to the ladies who have sent him cards. He's made up with them. There are more to come so I'll do a  "show post" when they have all arrived and have been opened.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bit of a slow start.

Hello all. Guess what I woke up with on Sunday morning.

Something bit my knuckle in the middle of the night! It wasn't too bad at first but by midday I noticed a "tracker" making it's way up my arm. I went to the pharmacist and he sent me off to A&E as he couldn't prescribe antibiotics. Two and a half hours later I got home with some pills to pop and strict instructions to go straight back if it travelled any further.I had to go back at 8pm as it had gone up past my elbow and after IV antibiotics and some lovely black pen marks ( if it went beyond the marks I was to go back) they finally let me go at 11pm. As I couldn't grip anything and it looked so horrible I've had to take a few days off work already. I called in the shop to show my boss because if I had a new member of staff calling in sick with an insect bite I would think they were taking the pee.It's much better today though but still a bit ugly.

I managed to make a card last week before the attack.

Meljens had a digi stamp sale on last week and I couldn't resist nipping back for just a couple more as I love them. The circle sentiment is by TLC and the ticket is one I forgot to take note of. The papers are from the papermania summer bloom pad and the card base is 6"x6".

Friday, 17 August 2012

How time flies.....

...............when you're not having fun.The last six weeks have not been the happiest. I always thought it would be great not to have to go to work and just potter around doing housewifely stuff and crafting the day away. I was so wrong. My mojo disappeared with my self respect when I lost my job. I mean, OK winning the lottery would have made a bit of a difference but "jobless" is not the same, and the Job centre is a really degrading experience.
  BUT!!!! That's all over!! I've started work today. Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe closed down a few months ago in Chester and has just been taken over by a lovely lady. We spent all day stocking up for the reopening tomorrow. There are three fantastic students working there and another girl ( who may be assistant manager) who is on hols at the mo. I have the same hours as in my last job but better arranged, and it's in the same street.I'm going to go and give my ex boss Patrick a hug next week as although he was a bit naughty, I still love him to bits. Water under the bridge now.These things happen for a reason.
 The best news?!!!! Speedy is having his kidney transplant on sept 3rd. His sister is donating. My new boss is very understanding and the students are willing to cover some of my hours..........................I can feel a card coming on!  Watch this space.   Love to you all.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy Birthday Speedy!

Yes Speedy is 60 today, bless him.He is a mechanic so I looked up mechanic colouring pages on Bing and found this one.There's loads more HERE.

I added the name as there was a blank space nice and ready for me.

There he is working away,lol, and there's his little red car parked up outside.His garage is definitely not as tidy as this one though.What I want to know is why is there a woman's stocking hanging on the red bin!! Hmmmmmmmm..............

As you can see his Christmas themed party went really well.I was up at half four in the morning making food for 100 people.I made loads as I'd rather have too much than too little.Speedy's son is manager of a local restaurant and the chef made 120 mince pies, and it wouldn't have been Christmas without a turkey curry.
He even had his own beer pump. And what are father and son singing? "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" of course.
At the end of the night I looked in the fridge at the huge amount of food which still hadn't been eaten and declared Sunday as boxing day and we all went back in the afternoon and carried on.
Tonight we are going to his favourite food haunt for another big scoff. It's a hard life!

EDIT. Speedy said the woman's  stocking was used for a faulty fan belt! Yeah, right Speedy.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Card for a Tailoress.

This card is for my twin sister ( she doesn't look at my blog, lol ). Our birthdays are on July 9th but as I've got a major mission on my hands, ( more of that later) before then I've made her card today.

She works as a tailoress, measuring inside legs etc for a men's outfitters. Her name is Isobel, but as a child I found that a bit of a mouthful so she became, and still is, Bell. The image is from an amazing freebies website I found through Pinterest , HERE. 

The tape measure is from The Clipart Fairy, but I didn't take note of the page. Sorry, but I didn't save the cotton reels either. I didn't think I would end up out of work and blogging properly again, lol. I will do a search in the next couple of days and try to add a link.

Now then...... My mission???...... Speedy is having a 60th birthday party at a local club on the 30th June. Nowt unusual about that then?   Oh yes there is. This is Speedy we're talking about here. It is to be a CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!! Yes, complete with tree, decs, pressies for the kids, mince pies, crackers, you get the gist, lol. Unknown to him, we are trying to get a snow machine and a live reindeer ( he also never looks at my blog, bless him ).

Update on his kidneys, for those who are following the story. I got tested to give him one of mine and scored one out of six. Could still do it with loads of medication for him but his sister came forward and scored better and is having further tests.If all goes well it should happen in about 3 months time. Speedy is feeling fit and well and you wouldn't really know there was anything wrong with him. We are just trying to get a transplant before there is a need for dialysis.He has kidney damage rather than kidney disease so doesn't feel ill.

Thanks for visiting.xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Rockin' from an early age.

Don't you just love that advert.The Duran Duran one. I'm not sure what it's for. Something technical, but I love the bit right at the end where he's looking at his flat mate as if to say " one more word and you're dead, mate". Imagine my excitement when I got an Email from Just Inclined to say they had some free digi stamps on their site. I when for a look and there was this one.

I looked it and just knew which caption to add.I think if I do another one I'll use a bolder font. The papers were from a DCWV pad and the circle sentiment is from Craftwork Cards. The card base is 6"x6".

 I think I'll give it to my stepson for his birthday next month as he has a little lad of 2. You can find the image HERE.

Well, since my last post I have lost my job completely. I complained about having to do more work in less hours as they made 3 girls redundant and cut my hours to 4 a day leaving just me and the boss. Of course there were still the same amount of tasks to do and they were just not getting done before I finished at half eleven. I said I felt like leaving and was told If that's how I feel I could go now. I know it's wrongful dismissal and proper complaint procedure wasn't followed as I've had legal advice, but haven't decided what to do about that yet. The main priority for the moment is to find another job.I loved that little shop but there must be better things to come.
 Take care y'all.............

Friday, 4 May 2012

Scrappy Pictures.

Hello again. Long time no see,lol. Since my last post I've had my hours cut at work. I'm in 5 days a week instead of three but have lost seven hours as I'm doing short shifts. Bit of a bummer but the main cause is the opening of a new Tesco Express at the end of the street. They should never be allowed to do this. There is also a cheese shop and a butcher who have been affected.
Anyway as a result I've had less cash to play with but more time to get thrifty. I've been scouring the charity shops for bargains to paint up or alter and have found quite a few cheap picture frames. My obsession with Pinterest came in handy here and I thought I'd show you what can be done for next to nothing.

Sorry about the reflection in the glass. This one was punched out of a map of Paris and the surrounding area, also from a charity shop.

This one was made with all sorts of bits and bobs.

And this is my favourite. I've done this one for the bathroom as I've just bought towels, curtains and accessories in burnt orange and pear green, not from the charity shops,lol.
The little heart punch was £1,65 from Abakhan. Another bargain.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


hi, remember me, lol? I've just nipped back to recommend a cd rom from just inclined called "the next big thing". I bought mine from HERE. I love all the digi stamps. they're so different and there's loads of them.Here's a few cards I've made from it.

Sentiment from TLC Creations.

not sure where this sentiment was from.

this is the favourite. papers for the last 2 are from the my minds eye "complete boy" 12 x 12 stack.

Monday, 2 January 2012

My final regular post.

Happy new year everyone. I hope you achieve everything you wish for this year. After a long hard consideration I've decided not to continue with my blog on a regular basis. When I started out the blog was influenced by my card making. Somehow I let this totally turn around so my craft was ruled by my blog and what my followers would like to see.I felt (and quite rightly too) the need to give links to the free artwork I have used in my creations, which sometimes took me a long while to trace the origins if I hadn't already saved the page addresses.My blog also sometimes got in the way of doing stuff that wasn't really blogworthy ie, repeat stuff or items using images I didn't have links for.
I didn't do typing at school and as a result ( although I was good at  English), I can look up from my laptop and find I've done a whole sentence in capitals which is a real pain. It happens all the time, lol.
 Thank you so much to the 14 people who have asked me to carry on. I will continue to follow your blogs. I had 203 followers. 4 have jumped ship already. It sort of says it all.
If I have anything unusual or particularly seasonal to share I will post it here.

Thank you to my faves, Coops, Jules,Lee from St Agnes, Jules,always with a heart,Teresa, Incy, Liegh, Irene,Kay, Faith,Barbara, Julie Smith, Tilly, Sheila Cyprus, Triciasconfetti, Ali, Purple mad Alison, Lynn, Crafty Loops,Judi, Ali, Karen, And any regular readers.
My next project is to update my really naff rented kitchen. Curtains, tablecloth, mugs etc.Maybe a crafty make or two................

Oh and this is the real biggie....Target weight 9st 2lb. Today a whopping 9st 6lb1!!!!


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