Welcome to my blog. I hope you find plenty of inspiration here. Nothing too fancy, no great skills required, just lots of cards, gifts and perhaps the odd bit of shopping.

My blog contains lots of links to freebies. Without sounding like "mother" can I ask you to leave a kind comment to the generous givers of such fabulous artwork. I know of at least a couple of artists who are feeling a bit unloved at the moment. Thanks. X

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bah humbug!

Christmas is on it's way again and it's time to make endless lists. I was mooching around Tesco yesterday and found some hardbacked notepads for 42p each. They were at the end of one of the aisles in those red boxes and there were only three left so i grabbed them and transformed them into these.
Perfect for all those lists.The image and sentiment are by Elzybells. The patterned paper is from the DCWV stack number 6 and is a border pattern which saves using more than one piece.
  A close up of the image, sparkled up with a bit of stickles.

On the back page i made a pocket from matching card for receipts. I'll be back in Tesco tomorrow hoping that there'll be some more. I'll give these to my mum and 2 sisters.
 Off to the kitchen now where i belong, lol. Beef and tomato casserole with olives and basil tonight, (small portion of course) with a bit of pasta on the side.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quick wedding post.

A quickie post as i'm going out soon. I thought i'd post a couple of pics of the wedding yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day but by 'eck it was cold.

Here they are Speedy, and his son Neil with his new wife Nina. A bit windswept and all looking at different cameras as everyone was taking pics at once,lol.
This one was taken at the afternoon reception at The Devon Doorway in Heswall on the Wirral. If anyone lives near there the food is excellent, not one of us was disappointed with their meal.

And last but not least the most beautiful mother and baby in the world. Why are they? Because i said so,lol. Now the wedding has been there is a nice big empty space in my brain, perhaps i can now start filling it with cardmaking ideas instead of dresses, suits, ties,shoes,flowers, invitations..................
Sorry there'n no piccy of me but that's because my lovely husband took 85 photos...............of eveyone else. Don't you just love 'em, lol. If someone e,mails me one i'll upload it, ( he will pay dearly for this believe me!).

Friday, 24 September 2010

Love is in the air.

Back with a couple of  love cards.The photo's aren't that good but neither was the light when i took them. I was about to give them out when i realised i hadn't photographed them so it was just starting to go, not dark, but dusky.The first one is for an order from my boss.
There's no stopping me now i've learned to print straight onto cards. The only facility i've got for adding text is "my craft studio". The good thing about this is that you can move the text around with your mouse and there's a little dot in the centre. My laptop screen now has a little dot done with a sharpie pen where the text dot should be so all i have to do is line them up,lol.My brain is wasted in that paper shop !.The background stamp is Penny Black and the heart stamp which i embossed was a freebie with a mag years ago.Patterned paper from stash and little hearts by Papercellar.
The first card saved me from racking my brains about Neil and Nina's wedding card .I don't have much wedding type stash. Just after i photo'd it i put a bit of stickles around the edges of the hearts an dried it with a cool hairdryer. I used red and cream to match their wedding theme. As i said the photos are bad and they look much better in real life. 
           Thanks for visiting, next time i post we'll have a new daughter in law and very lovely she is too.

Target weight 9st 2 lb   weight this morning 9st 1lb, that's a pound in my pocket to play with,lol.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What? No cards?

I'm so fed up of all the cutting and sticking of the last week or so that i decided on sunday to drag out my old jewellery making stuff from a couple of years back and have a little play.I found an unopened bag of mixed beads in purples and greens . Both colours are in all the clothes shops at the moment so i was well chuffed. I also took apart some necklaces i don.t wear any more and now i've got this little stash.
Treasure, me hearties! I managed to get 2 sets and have got loads of beads left.
The bracelets are elasticated as i didn't have any nice bracelet findings.
The fasteners on the necklaces are magnetic and so easy to fasten. I also made 3 red and silver bracelets. I really enjoyed making these and can see it being a regular sunday pursuit as i can do it in the living room without making a mess. There is an Abakhan about 5 minute's walk down the road and they sell beads and stuff. How dangerous is that then? Now then, in which shop did i see that nice purple top...............

Friday, 17 September 2010

Score, fold, stick, repeat, score, fold,........

Hello everybody!  First of all thank you for all your lovely comments on wednesday, much appreciated. Secondly sorry for the lack of comments from me. One of the "excuses" is these wedding favours. I know these cartons are easy to make but as i said in the last post faffing on the computer is a challenge to me , something that is easy for most is a big mission, especially as i've chucked all programmes off except "my craft studio" to make space on my laptop.These little tags took me ages to get the right font and size for the tag stamp which is from a papermania xmas clear set.
The striped card is from The Papermill Shop. It's great because there's no need for further decoration apart from the tags and ribbon.The little clips are from Wilkinsons and i've used red, black and gold to match the wedding theme.
The chocs inside are from Thorntons,the whole room smelled of chocolate and me on a diet,lol.Luckily i've only had to make 38 of them as the day reception is just for the close families. They worked out at about £1.75 each. Instructions for the boxes are HERE.

And now for the friday weigh in. Life is strange sometimes. I went out for a big meal on wednesday and this morning i weigh 9st 1lb. Thats 2lb lighter than last friday, total loss 1st & 1lb. I'm at my target weight now but it would be stupid not to carry on reporting every friday as i'm sure this is the only thing that's kept me on track. I will allow myself the odd pound or two as long as it comes straight back off and i know you'll all be "watching me". Thanks for all your supportive comments.

P.S. Straight after publishing this post a google ad popped up for Thorntons chocs !! Marvelous things these computers.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I did it! I did it!!

Ten years ago today i got married. I weighed 9st 2lb. This morning i weigh 9st 1lb ! I've lost my stone plus another pound. I have worked so hard to get here in time for today. I've not dieted seriously at weekends but i've walked myself stupid to compensate.I'm so pleased !! I know it's not weigh in day today but the reason i'm telling you today is because i'm likely to be fat on friday after my big scoff tonight. Happy days!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Hello strangers!!!

Or is it me who's the stranger? I think so,lol. I've been making wedding favours. They required a bit of computer work which i'm crap at and the bridesmaids dresses changed colour slightly so i've been chasing ribbon.  They've been a slight headache but are in production at last. BUT......work has been interrupted by a very important matter. It's our  10th wedding anniversary tomorrow so i needed to make the lovely Speedy a card, and here it is.
This card sums us up to a tee. We are bezzie mates and are seriously joined at the hip, one is seldom seen without the other unless we are at work. It would probably drive some couples mad but we love it,lol. Just like Tilda , if we're out i have to sit within touching distance, if we're not, i'll pull the chairs closer. BLESS!! The papers are forever friends and while i was doing my head in on the computer i thought why not completely do my head in and print the greeting onto the card base. I got there in the end but a bottle of wine would not have been safe in the house. The little sentiment is an Elzybells stamp.

  We are going out for a meal tomorrow night and there's no way i'll be nibbling away on a melon fan and steamed fish,lol. Sod the diet, 10 years of cooking for Speedy deserves at least a 3lb gain. I'm going to go for it,i'll still be able to get into me frock a week on saturday. I know you'll all be thinking about me.........Right.........treadmill time ,lol..................

Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday Tilda.

Not the most original post title but never mind,lol.What nice weather we're having. I'm off next week so the monsoon will probably be back by then.Never mind i will be spending quite a bit of time making wedding favours. Luckily Nina wants them very plain which is a big help.
 Anyway,here's todays offering.
I was pottering around the house yesterday when i remembered my poor blog. I've got a whole sheet of Tildas all half coloured with different hair colours ready to finish off to match my card colours for times like this. I've got a Wizard and loads of nesties but i'm too lazy to crank away so it doesn't come out very often but when i was last in the Papermill shop i bought a Woodware 3" circle punch. It's slightly bigger than the nestie circle but that's fine by me all, i need to do is sit and crank a load of scalloped circles from my scraps to have on hand.The backing paper is K & Co. I bought the flowers from Hobby craft and the lazy sentiment was in a pack from The Papermill Shop.Add a punched butterfly  and a few gems and we're done.

"Are we indeed?", i here you say. No i haven't forgotten.........................

........The friday weigh in.  9st 3lb. Yippee another one off, total loss 13lb. I've got to the stage where i need to eat less or walk more and have chosen the latter,lol. I've walked loads this week both on and off the treadmill, i can't use it in the daytime because there's offices downstairs and people are tying to work so i've been out into the cruel world.It's our anniversary next week so i can't see me hitting my stone target as we're going out for a meal, Speedy will be off the next day which is always dangerous.Still if he wants to get into his suit trousers in 2 weeks time he'll have to behave, he's been struggling with the "diet thing" but the weekly try on of the suit reminds him of why he's got to do it,lol.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Musical birthday.

Hello everyone were we all windswept yesterday then? How i hate the thought of winter looming, dark cold and wet,yuk. My den is like an icebox in the winter too.Well, enough of that depressing talk, here's a card i made yesterday afternoon.
I forgot i had these papers, i've had them that long i don't know what they are. They are 12"x12" and are double sided in shades of greys browns blacks and creams, all very classy designs. The music paper is from Payperbox.The stamp is of course Magnolia Edwin. The sentiment is from a Papermania clear set and i managed to slip in a couple of peel offs from my mountain of them.
I mounted Edwin onto 3d pads for a bit of dimension. Card base is 6"x6".
Right, got to rush off now and get to work, ugh, that's another thing, the dark mornings are coming.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Things To Do.

Before good old Woolies closed down they were selling notebooks at 2 for £1, so naturally i bought quite a few. They were in loads of lovely colours never to be seen again anywhere else. I've found black and grey ones in Wilkinsons at 49p but none of the coloured ones.
They are about 4"x6", just the right size for a handbag. The patterned paper is from Papermania Clare Curds signature stack. The letters are done with a set of peg type stamps i bought from WHS a couple of years ago. I used a small square punch on them. The white card strips on the black book looked a bit stark and unfinished but i remembered a little trick that Helen from It's All Fiddle Fart uses a lot and filled in the spaces with a few dots . Thank you Helen. I may put a few tiny gems on the other one. The little frogs are actually wooden but you can't really tell in the pic.  I think they were "crafty bits", you know those which are on a twirly stand but as usual i've thrown the original wrappers away.
I've got to nip into town now as mother wants me to get her a pair of trousers, then it's off to the local to ruin the diet.  See you soon, thanks for visiting.  Di.xx

Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm still here with a new card.

Phew, it took me just as long to find shoes, bag etc as it did to find a dress,lol. I'm almost sorted now so i'm back in my den.I am drafting this post last night ( if that makes sense ) as i'm working today so all i'll have to do is add the weigh in bit (guilt ridden) before i go. Any way here's a card, and about time too.
The card base is 5"x5". the backing paper is Papermania naughty and nice christmas, not just for christmas you know,lol. The big luscious drinkie is from a Woodware clear set called , of course, "cocktails". The sentiment is from a Penny Black set. Plenty of stickles and some flat backed gems and we're done.

Nine months ago when Neil and Nina said they were getting married, the words " i'll make you some favours" came pouring out of my mouth. Well it seemed so far away, plenty of time to think about that one!!   Luckily there's only 40 for the day do. I've spent a bit of time  chopping and folding bits of old card and have decided to do some mini milk cartons,. I got some cream and gold card from the papermill shop.  I'll upload when they're finished and decorated ( another quandary).
So, here goes............Gulp............

............ The friday weigh in, lol. I don't know why i'm laughing because it's not funny! I'm still 9st 4 lb, the result of bank holiday and the presence of Speedy. If he's off we always end up in the pub, he thinks dieting is watching what you eat, drinking doesn't come into it . I intended to drink diet coke but my will power did a runner as soon as we got to the bar.Still, better behaviour next week, and i've adjusted the treadmill so i'm now going uphill .


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