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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Next House...

Oh, please!... Me and Speedy live in a huge flat. The rent has been obscenely low for 14 years. The landlords ( rich solicitors) have never reviewed the rent because we pay on time, but recently retired and engaged an agent. Get the picture? The agent came to look at the flat and you could see the pound signs in her eyes. We thought " that's it, the rent will be going up". The weeks passed and nothing. Until last Friday. We had a letter to say we've got two months to get out. They want to turn the flat into three separate bedsits. OMG!  All my stash! and my 5 slow cookers, about 150 cookery books! It's like being told to choose between your children. Because this place is so big it took a lot of stuff to fill it. So now starts the hurried process of cutting it down to fit into normal sized accommodation, which we are yet to find. Hence the card..

The image and sentiment are both from TLC Creations. xx


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