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Friday, 11 March 2011

A Load of Leprechaun.........

Well, i've been a good girl for far too long and have fallen off the smut wagon,lol. Remember the Christmas reindeer s**t bags?  Someone i gave one to said it might be an idea to make some for ST Patricks day. Since then i've been obsessed with finding something green.  I was about to give in and just use chocolate raisins when i spotted these at Julian Graves. I was beside myself with glee !!
I bought 3 bags at £1.89 each.  The seed had been planted and now i'd got the fertiliser. All i needed to do now was to Google a suitable image and there were quite a few to choose from. I chose one which i could get away without colouring..
I made up the little poem weeks ago( naughty word scuffed out of photo but is there in real life) and just needed to add the little drawing and print them out. Feel free to copy my little ditty, blogging is about sharing and having fun.
I put 15 little bread sticks in each bag (the ones used for 4"x6" cards with tops chopped off) and got 7 bags out of each packet. Cheap laughs hey?  The best bit?  My boss's name is Patrick and he's just as smutty as me. We'll have heap big fun giving these out next week. Look out regular customers.......

I'm working this morning but was woken extra early by the local  ASBO blackbird shouting and bawling in the tree outside. Where's my gun?

Target weight 9st 2lb.  Today's weight 9st 3lb. One back on thanks to pancake day and the Cadbury's rep dishing out the new Big Race bars.....yummy...go on , you know you want to.........


  1. you did make me laugh with your poem,these are fab now stop eating the choccie bars....lol

  2. Oh Di,well done.I love these lol.Great poem,you are soooo clever.xx

  3. Thanks for a good giggle tonight!


  4. So funny, Fantastic idea and a fab poem...who's a clever girl then!
    Teresa xx

  5. oh these are fantastic di.you are the queen of smutty gifts.the ditty is brilliant :D

    xx coops xx

  6. You do make me laugh Di. These are brilliant. x

  7. Hysterical as usual, you are so clever, thanks for sharing too.


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