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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

How Naughty are These Then ???

Do any of you remember Fanny Craddock, the famous TV cook and her poor henpecked husband Johnny?

Well, i was just a little lass when she was on TV but i can still remember her. The one thing which people will remember poor Johnny for is his final sentence on one of her shows in which she had been making some doughnuts. " Goodnight to you all, and may your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's". What a famous last line ! The poor bloke never lived it down.
Yesterday, i was doing the food shop in Tesco when i saw these pink doughnuts,lol.
 I looked at them and thought they'd be good for a bit of smut, but what could i make? I bought 3 packs. Then I remembered Johnny....................
This is the outcome of going to a strict all girls school,lol. I've just given Speedy a bag full to take to work and I'll be taking some to my boss's dad John later as he's up for a bit of smut to give out in his pub.
They also do chocolate ones which bring to mind another body bit, lol. I'll be making something with these soon but i doubt  whether they'll be fit for public viewing. Probably best left to the imagination.................

Edit....  Whenever i give Speedy some of these naughty gifts to take to the pub he always comes back and says everyone said "ooh your missus should sell these she'd make loads of money"  (bless),  but have any of them ever asked to actually buy anything?????    No, no, no.  So, how do i make all this money then ??  You could shoot 'em couldn't you, lol.


  1. Ooooh! You are naughty Di - but we obviously share the same sense of humour!! Loved Fanny and Johnny!


    Judi x

  2. naughty but nice springs to mind love it jenniexx

  3. I remember Fanny & Johnny. You do make me laugh with your creations. x

  4. Thank goodness my children didn't ask me what I was laughing at then! I'm normally happy to explain, but think I may have struggled this time lol xx

  5. You always know how to get me giggling, you're sooooo naughty!!! sorry I haven't got round sooner but thanks so much for your picasa advice the other evening! You'd be dead impressed, I added text to a card using it yesterday! inspired by you! I'm a little slow getting to grips with the saving lark but I'm determined to crack it! Thanks again,Julie.x

  6. oh di!! these are fantastic.love the quote.genius :D

    xx coops xx

  7. Oh I remeber the comment johnny said I really had to chuckle fantastic idea Jeanxx

  8. I just love your sense of humour and the packaging is brilliant, as for making money Yep! their right, you should sell these and make millions :)

    Actually isn't there a firm who pays for original sayings? Hallmark pay for ideas sometimes!!!!!!

  9. I have only just found your blog but you have given me such a laugh Im just going to have to follow you. ;) Linda x


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