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Monday, 2 January 2012

My final regular post.

Happy new year everyone. I hope you achieve everything you wish for this year. After a long hard consideration I've decided not to continue with my blog on a regular basis. When I started out the blog was influenced by my card making. Somehow I let this totally turn around so my craft was ruled by my blog and what my followers would like to see.I felt (and quite rightly too) the need to give links to the free artwork I have used in my creations, which sometimes took me a long while to trace the origins if I hadn't already saved the page addresses.My blog also sometimes got in the way of doing stuff that wasn't really blogworthy ie, repeat stuff or items using images I didn't have links for.
I didn't do typing at school and as a result ( although I was good at  English), I can look up from my laptop and find I've done a whole sentence in capitals which is a real pain. It happens all the time, lol.
 Thank you so much to the 14 people who have asked me to carry on. I will continue to follow your blogs. I had 203 followers. 4 have jumped ship already. It sort of says it all.
If I have anything unusual or particularly seasonal to share I will post it here.

Thank you to my faves, Coops, Jules,Lee from St Agnes, Jules,always with a heart,Teresa, Incy, Liegh, Irene,Kay, Faith,Barbara, Julie Smith, Tilly, Sheila Cyprus, Triciasconfetti, Ali, Purple mad Alison, Lynn, Crafty Loops,Judi, Ali, Karen, And any regular readers.
My next project is to update my really naff rented kitchen. Curtains, tablecloth, mugs etc.Maybe a crafty make or two................

Oh and this is the real biggie....Target weight 9st 2lb. Today a whopping 9st 6lb1!!!!


  1. Good luck with the Kitchen - i have enjoyed your blog immensely and passed it on to others for inspiration - your ideas are so quirky - i have especially loved the spicy ones! i shall continue to follow as i know when you do post it will be well worth waiting for xx Hugs Janet

  2. your fun sense of humor will be missed but I totally understand your decision:-)

  3. You have to prioritise your life and you have made the decisions which are right for you. What a good start to the year! You will probably enjoy your crafting much more now. Good luck for 2012!
    Anne x

  4. Di. Happy New Year. Pleased that you are continuing with your blog, although sorry that it's not on a regular basis. I'm not sure how to become a follower (lack of computer knowledge), but I look at your blog a lot! It's brilliant. Take care. Look after Speedy. Carol xx

  5. Happy New Year Di xx Glad you are keeping your blog and will look forward to your posts whenever they appear :-) xx Hope your kitchen transformation goes well take care lovely xx

  6. Will really miss your quirky sense of humour but you will stay on my feed list so I will catch up when you post. Good luck for the future with the kitchen abd the weight maintenance. A blog should be a pleasure not a chore and I fully endorse your decision. I have done the capitals bit too - very frustrating.
    Happy 2012.
    x Tricia

  7. So sorry to hear this Di, I will miss your lovely cards and your funny posts but I fully understand your decision. Will keep you on my feed also so that when you do post I will know! Good luck with everything!

    Hugs, Barbara xx

  8. Hello Dianne

    I am so pleased that you are still going to blog on occasions... I shall look out for your posts as I know it will be worthwhile, blogging takes time away from the crafting side of life, so I understand. Get that kitchen sorted, hope Speedys health soon improves and you will soon get rid of your Christmas overload lol....
    Take care and thanks for sharing all you have
    Tilly x

  9. hiya di.happy new year hun.i am pleased that you will still be blogging.whether it is regualar or not, its still great to know i will see your creations when you feel like sharing them :D
    good luck with all the decorating, we have to have our bedroom dry lined later in the year and its going to be messy :D
    take care di and i hope we see you soon ;D

    xx coops xx

  10. Oh Di, what a shame that blogging has made you feel this way, although I TOTALLY understand, as I've not even thought about my blog much over Christmas, and have felt much more relaxed about my crafting, which kind of tells you something, doesn't it? Anyway, I shall continue to keep an eye out for anything that you do feel you want to post, and you can always just post stuff without HAVING to tell us all where you got it from, we can always email you if there's something particular we need to know. Will miss your FABULOUS sense of humour - it's just up my street! Take care, and above all ENJOY your crafting.

    HUGE hugs

    Judi XX

  11. Hi Di, it's a shame that what started as a bit of fun ended up a complete chore but I agree with you that blogging can sometimes seem more important than it really is! I've really enjoyed popping by to see your creations & laugh at your sense of humour. You should feel proud that you've given many crafters a lot of inspiration with the brilliant ideas you've so generously shared with us. I'll still pop by to see what you're up to & good luck with the kitchen makeover.
    Sally x

  12. Hi Di, All the best for 2012 and good luck with decorating your Kitchen. So glad that you will still be blogging now and again. I for one would miss all your little verses and funny sayings on your gifts and cards. I will keep you on my list and look forward to seeing a post from you in the future. Take care. Shaz xx

  13. hi di,totally understand but will miss your regular posts but keep following you for any surprise uploads :)
    take care,have fun with the kitchen and i am sure the weight will drop off,x

  14. Can understand why you've made your decision but will miss your regular updates. I'll still be checking though - yours was the first blog I ever read!! Take care and enjoy your crafting xx

  15. Ditto to all of the above Like they say when a pleasure becomes a habit it is no longer a pleasure i have been there done that so fully understand All the best in whatever you do

  16. Only dropped in, in case you had posted, so glad I did. Hope you have a great New Year, what about piccies about your kitchen when it's finished, not that I'm pushing to hear from you or anything :).

    Will keep dropping in to see what you have if anything to say :)
    Take care.

  17. I don't do a lot of blog hopping, but I always like to have a wee nosey at yours when the notion takes me. I love your humour and your 'craft'. blogland won't be the same without your regular input.

    Elaine (laineymo - Docrafter)

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