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Friday, 4 May 2012

Scrappy Pictures.

Hello again. Long time no see,lol. Since my last post I've had my hours cut at work. I'm in 5 days a week instead of three but have lost seven hours as I'm doing short shifts. Bit of a bummer but the main cause is the opening of a new Tesco Express at the end of the street. They should never be allowed to do this. There is also a cheese shop and a butcher who have been affected.
Anyway as a result I've had less cash to play with but more time to get thrifty. I've been scouring the charity shops for bargains to paint up or alter and have found quite a few cheap picture frames. My obsession with Pinterest came in handy here and I thought I'd show you what can be done for next to nothing.

Sorry about the reflection in the glass. This one was punched out of a map of Paris and the surrounding area, also from a charity shop.

This one was made with all sorts of bits and bobs.

And this is my favourite. I've done this one for the bathroom as I've just bought towels, curtains and accessories in burnt orange and pear green, not from the charity shops,lol.
The little heart punch was £1,65 from Abakhan. Another bargain.


  1. These are lovely! I really like the Paris one. Love your blog, so much inspiration! Glad to see you back x

  2. Beautiful pictures, just proves you dont need to spend a fortune...

  3. Yay you're posting again :-) these are fab my favourite is the top one - ooh you could find locations that are special to you - hmmm might need to 'borrow' that idea - I'm never lucky enough to find lovely things in charity shops though xx

  4. these are brill,must admit i find it always nice to recycle something rather than use new,hope you get your hours back,x

  5. these are stunning di.the last is my fav too.i work 5 days but short shifts too, its a pain.
    i hope you are well :D

    xx coops xx

  6. Lovely to see you back blogging, sorry your hours have been cut........... I love all three but the last is my fave lol

  7. Great upcycling!! I love Pinterest too - amazing source of inspiration. May have to go charity shopping!!

  8. great pictures love the three different vairiations xxx

  9. Brilliant pictures...love the diffrent themes
    sorry to here about work
    hope you post again soon

  10. Absolutely stunning makes. Would really struggle to pick a fave, but am a big fan of Paris, so if I had to choose .............
    I keep hearing about people who have discovered the most amazing things in charity shops. I really will have to frequent them more often. Hope you post again soon xx

  11. Really stunning! Never thought to do that!
    Is nice to see you,not seen you on the forum lately.
    Hope all is well.Wish i had some charity shops around here, i would love a good poke around! By the way,the heart one is my favourite too!Keep well.Rosie.x

  12. Make the most of your freedom ...love your pics.

  13. There is always a silver lining, You're here AGAIN whoooooppppppeeeeeeeee.

    Great projects Di, never go into charity shops, perhaps now I have reduced my hours,'cause I have semi retired!! Perhaps I should try.

    Great to see your posts. Hope all is well (beside your hours)

  14. they are all gorgeous di, hope thngs improve at work. nice to see you back, looking for insperation as my mojo has well and truly gone awol, take care happy crafting lmn x

  15. Hi Di - I spotted your comment on Helen's blog about Andy (so sad) and recognised your face from ages ago when I used to avidly pop in to see what you were up to long before I was blogging. Great to see a post or two from you - I do know about the pressure, it can become the tail wagging the dog!

    Following you now so I can keep quietly stalking as and when you do post!

    Di xx (another one!)

  16. Hi Di, Long time no see so to speak! I love what you've done here, so creative! Don't know which I like best, all three are totally brilliant! I rather fancy having a go at making one myself! Have a great weekend,Julie.x


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