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Friday, 5 November 2010

Note card Giftbag.

It took me almost as long to take these photos as it did to make the set yesterday as it was so dull again. I tried in the afternoon then i tried at night with these stupid low energy bulbs even the daylight bulb in my den made them look awful. So apologies again for more naff piccies but i had to do them yesterday as i'm taking the set to work for someones birthday pressie today.
I did another post about this little bag with more details and a link to instructions HERE. It is made from one sheet of 12"x12" paper. I made my first folds half an inch rather than an inch to make the bag slightly taller I did say in that post that it fits a 5"x5" card but the envies dont fit so it's no good for set but ok as a gift bag with a 5" card and no envie, confused yet? HERE is another link then .
The little note cards are 4"x4". I made 2 of each design and put some envelopes and a little fancy pen with them. For the handles i like to stick some ribbon to strips of card. They need each other,lol. the card for a bit of stiffness and the ribbon for strength. I did the wording on the computer. I learned from Docrafts that if you do each word separately before adding to the page you can use different fonts and move them around , marvelous, there'll be no stopping me now! This is for an 84th birthday for a young lady who likes to frequent the pub opposite the shop i work at. She's about 4ft tall and is Scottish. I call her super gran,lol, she's got one of those hairstyles where they wind long wispy hair around their hand and pin it at he back of the head willy nilly, she makes me titter.
Well i'd best get a move on while i've still got a job to go to.   Love Di.xx

Target weight 9st 2lb, today's weight 9st 1lb. 1lb heavier than last week. The result of lots of lovely scrumpy on Wednesday.


  1. Hi Di

    Gorgeous little gift bag and I love the little notelets.

    Such beautiful papers and colours.

    Hope your time at work goes quickly and you have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi Di
    What a gorgeous gift set!Love how you've added the peel-off to the ribbon a really nice touch :)
    hugs amanda xx

  3. Oh Diane.I love your gift bags,good tip about the ribbon being stuck onto card.This is lovely,hope super gran likes it lol.Happy weekend.xx

  4. this is fantastic di and a lovely gift for the lucky lady.i love the papers and colours :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Gorgeous gift set Di.
    Sue x

  6. I bet she loved it,I know that I would have,it's gorgeous! Have a great weekend,Julie.x


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