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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Grinch pills for the grown ups.

When I was sitting glued to Pinterest for far too long I came across this idea for Grinch pills.

 Speedy calls one of his mates the Grinch because he's such a miserable so and so and he asked me to make some to take to the pub at Christmas.Well, you know what I'm like, I can't possibly make something so tasteful and decided to make my own version.

D'you know what? I've worked in a newsagent for nearly 7 years and have always assumed spearmint softmints where green, lol. There's always something to learn in any job !! I bought these from poundland in a pack of 4 rolls and was gobsmacked when I opened them.  Still I'm sure they'll still work.

I found the little Grinch clip art from google images.

I'm about half way through my Christmas shopping. I'm off next week so hopefully I can get it finished. In a moment of weakness I've gone and promised speedy ( who thinks he's Father Christmas ) we can put the tree up this weekend. Eeeeek!!


  1. As always, lovin' your sense of humour Di! Great idea too.


    Judi x

  2. I love your little poem and I'm sure these 'pills' will go down a storm

  3. Ilove them, think I will have to get my hubby some, grandkids call him grumpy, don't know why !!

  4. Love everything you make, always beautifully presented as well.

    Cretaceous (DC)

  5. Another GREAT idea,thanks for sharing,love the poem.xx

  6. haha these are brilliant di.really love your funny ditty :D

    xx coops xx

  7. these are fab di,i have found a svg cutting file for them also and been making but only able to get green & orange tictacs as no only green around so love your version,x

  8. Fantastic! How do you keep coming up with these brill ideas. xx

  9. Oh! Di you are just so funny, I love these. you keep coming up with so many great ideas, wish I was quarter as creative.

  10. You make me smile big time with your tongue in cheek makes they are right up my street big love Marc


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