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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas bargain quickies.

Quick post this morning as I'm off to the Hospital with Speedy for his check up. I was in B&M last week and found a card of 24 gift tags for 89p. I made a set of 24 5x5 cards.

 The card bases and envelopes were in a kit and have been sitting around as I don't really get on well with cream card bases. The photo is a bit naff, it was getting dark. I gave them to Patrick, my boss as a little thank you for letting me sell my cards in his shop. They do other colours. If anyone is needing to do loads of cards they would be an alternative to resorting to shop bought ones.


  1. My,you are sooo clever thanks for sharing this fab idea,a great set of cards.Thinking of you both.Good Luck to Speedy with his check up.Big Hugs xxx

  2. Wow these are an amazing set of cards. Lee x

  3. I love you and your bargain shopping :)

  4. brilliant cards di.great idea to use the tags as toppers :D

    xx coops xx

  5. fab cards great quick make big love marc


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