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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Sleigh is Ready.

Well it's December again and time to hit the streets with my sleigh. I've bought some new lights which are bigger and brighter than my old ones.

I will be going out with it for a few early doors drinkies after a bit of late afternoon shopping tomorrow. People have already been asking when I'm bringing it out as it gets them in the festive mood. You know what that means though.......yes it'll probably pee down all afternoon.
I've been of work this week using my hols and sods law, I've not been well again. This cough/cold keeps coming back and I've not felt like doing much at all. I've managed to finish my Christmas card orders though. I know I'm using capitals here but I do mean to shout. THANK YOU TO ALL THE GENEROUS ARTISTS WHO HAVE BEEN GIVING FREE CHRISTMAS IMAGES!!  They have helped such a lot. I don't really like making Christmas cards but new images cropping up makes it much more enjoyable.
As this is supposed to be a card making blog I suppose I'd better show you one. Not a Christmas one either.

Another free image this time thank you to Doodle Pantry. There's a whole page of them there. I'm not sure about the paper as I've lost the cover but it's from a 12 x 12 stack and it could be DCWV. The card is 6"X6".

Target weight 9st 2lb. Today 9st 3lb. Lets face it the only way is up for the next few weeks, lol.


  1. gorgeous card di.i love the sweet bird and your christmas trolley is looking fabulous ;D

    xx coops xx

  2. Di I think you going around Chester with your "light" bag is awesome, I told a few friends last year what you did, they couldn't believe it, I think you must be a wonderful "nutter" (no offence) to do this and one year will make a visit to Chester to see you do it.
    Happy Happy Christmas LOL

  3. Oh! I commented on the wrong post, I LOVE this card too and agree with you about all the freebies, aren't people wonderful?

  4. I love the card and peps are kind to share for free things ,i think its a big part of the craft world we do that ,and i love the sledge bigger lights are the way to go they look fab i do think some bells would finish it of i would love to see and hear to coming big Christmas love Marc

  5. Such a sweet sentiment and card 'Happy Bird Day' So sweet :)


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