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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy Birthday Speedy!

Yes Speedy is 60 today, bless him.He is a mechanic so I looked up mechanic colouring pages on Bing and found this one.There's loads more HERE.

I added the name as there was a blank space nice and ready for me.

There he is working away,lol, and there's his little red car parked up outside.His garage is definitely not as tidy as this one though.What I want to know is why is there a woman's stocking hanging on the red bin!! Hmmmmmmmm..............

As you can see his Christmas themed party went really well.I was up at half four in the morning making food for 100 people.I made loads as I'd rather have too much than too little.Speedy's son is manager of a local restaurant and the chef made 120 mince pies, and it wouldn't have been Christmas without a turkey curry.
He even had his own beer pump. And what are father and son singing? "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" of course.
At the end of the night I looked in the fridge at the huge amount of food which still hadn't been eaten and declared Sunday as boxing day and we all went back in the afternoon and carried on.
Tonight we are going to his favourite food haunt for another big scoff. It's a hard life!

EDIT. Speedy said the woman's  stocking was used for a faulty fan belt! Yeah, right Speedy.


  1. I did laugh at speedys comment :) happy birthday to him and it's a brilliant card do,x

  2. haha lol, fanbelt substitute indeed.happy belated birthday to speedy and your card is brilliant di.love all the details and glad the party went well :D

    xx coops xx

  3. Belated birthday wishes to Speedy (I was 'busy' celebrating my own birthday on the 3rd with friends who stayed with us for the week). Brilliant card Di (as always) and pleased that the party went well. So pleased that you're back blogging - you've been missed. Just sorry for the reason WHY you're back blogging. Fingers crossed you get a job soon. Happy birthday for 9th. love Carol W xx

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  5. Fab. images, have saved 2 for family birthdays. Hope you find a suitable job soon, but make the most of the free time & enjoy.

  6. Hello Di

    I stumbled across your blog. Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

    I loved Speedys card.

    I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press

    Im'e a gilder and use gold leaf and imitation gold leaf rather a lot.

    Have you thought of gilding onto paper?

    It's really quite easy to gild onto paper, there are now modern gold sizes that are simple to use, and there are various ways to create antique and distressed finishes as well., like the crackle glaze and antique glaze.

    If you have a moment, pop over to my site, there is quite a lot about gilding onto paper, in particular there is an old bookbinders recipe which you can use to make really authentic looking imitation vellums and parchment papers from ordinary papers.

    Good luck to us all.


  7. What a brilliant time you must have had, great photos. As for the stocking, my hubbie is (was) a mechanic, he always used the excuse of the stocking for the fanbelt too.


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