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Friday, 17 August 2012

How time flies.....

...............when you're not having fun.The last six weeks have not been the happiest. I always thought it would be great not to have to go to work and just potter around doing housewifely stuff and crafting the day away. I was so wrong. My mojo disappeared with my self respect when I lost my job. I mean, OK winning the lottery would have made a bit of a difference but "jobless" is not the same, and the Job centre is a really degrading experience.
  BUT!!!! That's all over!! I've started work today. Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe closed down a few months ago in Chester and has just been taken over by a lovely lady. We spent all day stocking up for the reopening tomorrow. There are three fantastic students working there and another girl ( who may be assistant manager) who is on hols at the mo. I have the same hours as in my last job but better arranged, and it's in the same street.I'm going to go and give my ex boss Patrick a hug next week as although he was a bit naughty, I still love him to bits. Water under the bridge now.These things happen for a reason.
 The best news?!!!! Speedy is having his kidney transplant on sept 3rd. His sister is donating. My new boss is very understanding and the students are willing to cover some of my hours..........................I can feel a card coming on!  Watch this space.   Love to you all.


  1. Hugs to you!! Keep your chin up it sounds like the ship is steering in the right direction now:-)

  2. Congratulations on the new job Di, it sounds lovely and you certainly sound happy that's great! Hope all goes well for your hubby with the op.
    Take care. Teresa x

  3. Congrats on the new job Di. Hope all goes well on the 3rd and his recovery matches his name. Hugs, Amanda x

  4. Oh Di,I am so happy for you on both counts.Your new job sounds great and I will be thinking of you all when Speedy has his transplant.Take care hun,all the best to Speedy.Huge Hugs xxx

  5. Good luck with your new job and I hope Speedy and his sister have a speedy recovery.

    Lynn x

  6. Hello Di - thought you'd been very quiet. Very best of luck with the new job - it sounds as if it's going to be fun. And sending loads of positive thoughts for Speedy and his sister - will be watching for updates. Di (the other one!) xxx

  7. Life is certainly looking up now thank goodness, very best wishes to speedy and his Sister for a 'speedy' recovery.....
    the new job sounds just right, sure to be some happy times with a crowd like that lol
    hope to see a card soon,

  8. So glad to hear you are happily back to work now.....and you have a date for the transplant
    hope all goes well
    only one thing....when you have time can we have more blogging from you!
    we have missed your chat
    all the best chris x

  9. Hello Di, i don't have a blog but love reading yours. So glad to hear things are looking up for you. Good luck in your new job, sounds ideal. Very best wishes to your hubby and his sister, hope all goes well for them both and they make a speedy recovery. Hugs Julie xxx

  10. Hi Di, Nice to see your back in blogland. SO good to hear your are back in work in a sweetie shop, just think what you can do with your "packaging" skills LOL. Glad to hear that Speedy is soon having his transplant, what a wonderful sister, hope all goes well for them.
    Love and hugs


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