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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bit of a slow start.

Hello all. Guess what I woke up with on Sunday morning.

Something bit my knuckle in the middle of the night! It wasn't too bad at first but by midday I noticed a "tracker" making it's way up my arm. I went to the pharmacist and he sent me off to A&E as he couldn't prescribe antibiotics. Two and a half hours later I got home with some pills to pop and strict instructions to go straight back if it travelled any further.I had to go back at 8pm as it had gone up past my elbow and after IV antibiotics and some lovely black pen marks ( if it went beyond the marks I was to go back) they finally let me go at 11pm. As I couldn't grip anything and it looked so horrible I've had to take a few days off work already. I called in the shop to show my boss because if I had a new member of staff calling in sick with an insect bite I would think they were taking the pee.It's much better today though but still a bit ugly.

I managed to make a card last week before the attack.

Meljens had a digi stamp sale on last week and I couldn't resist nipping back for just a couple more as I love them. The circle sentiment is by TLC and the ticket is one I forgot to take note of. The papers are from the papermania summer bloom pad and the card base is 6"x6".


  1. golly gosh..... your arm looks a mess lol, hope it gets right soon
    Love this card, did not see the sale, wish I had
    Hope speedy is on the best side

  2. Flippin eck hope you are ok now!! That is some bite!! Love your card the layout is lovely xx

  3. Blimming eck, who or what do you sleep with, lol. Hope it's not as painful now as it looks. Great card and such pretty papers. x

  4. oh poor you di,hope its easing up now,your card is really cute,x

  5. Ow ow ow ow ow!!!!! Nasty! :'( Lea xx

  6. OMG,that does not look nice lol,do hope it goes away pronto.By the way how is the lovely Speedy doing.

    LOVE your cheeky card.Hugs xx

  7. Ooh that looks nasty,hope it heals quickly. Love your card.xxx

  8. Oh! my gosh Di, that looks nasty, and painful, hope it's better now and you can use it normally.

    Love your card.

  9. So sorry to hear about your arm, sounds sore and looks it. I hope your recovering well.
    Beautiful card!


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