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Friday, 7 September 2012

Speedy recovery cards.

A quick update on Speedy. Wednesday and Thursday were not very good days for him. They took him off the morphine and replaced it with paracetamol which isn't as strong. He was in quite a lot of pain as morphine causes constipation, as well as the fact that they "inflated" him to do the op. He was warned of the windy pops before the op, but there wasn't much of that happening. It was just staying inside and bloating him even more. Today he felt much better, and when the doctor asked him, ( this is so funny.......well I think it is anyway ), had he passed any wind this morning he said " a little bit". At this, the bloke in the next bed poked his head through the curtain and said. "You did two bloody big uns in the night, nearly frightened me to death"! Needless to say this was why he's feeling better today,lol.

I made him and his sister,Diane matching cards. This is Speedy's.

And this is Diane's.

The images are Meljens Digis again and the paper was free in a mag a few months ago.

I added the caption on the computer.

More cards arrived this morning but I left the house before they arrived so I'll take them tomorrow.

I was in school in the early seventies and was inevitably a Supertramp fan. I sort of forgot about this with the evolution and progression towards other groups and music styles. There is always one song by Supertramp which never left my head. It is back in my head now. I went to Google Videos and found Roger Hodgson to have turned out to be such a sweetie pie. Here is the track, back in my life with so much more meaning. Sorry if it's a bit jumpy.


  1. Lol - oh bless him (and his room mates!!) Great cards - are they little gas clouds behind the rabbits - lo. Hope he is back on his feet soon xxx

  2. Oh. Ali, well spotted,lol.I can't wait to show him tomorrow. xx

  3. Hi Di,this did make me laugh as the same happened to me after my op last December.

    I do hope he wont be in discomfort for too long bless him,hope you tell him he is being thought about every day.Btw,his card is half made as me mum is here for a week lol.Sending Big Gentle Huggles to all.You take care now.xxxx

  4. Oh gawd forgot to say (it's me age lol)the cards great.xx

  5. Only just catching up, hope all is well, thanks for the video and the beautiful cards you show each time, love Speedy's and his sister's get well card.

  6. fab cards di,hope speedy and his sister are now back at home doing well,x

  7. I like that collection , They are so funny and beautiful

  8. Hi Di, Just wondering how speedy and his sis were getting along now. i hope they are both making good recoveries. I loved you little story it really made me lol

    Kerry x

  9. Catching up and hoping all is well.

    Christmas Greetings

  10. Hi Di, it's that time of year when you feel the need to catch up with "old friends", I'm hoping that everything is going well with you at the moment, all the best, Julie.x


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