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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Speedy is Sorted !!

Yes peeps, Speedy has 3 kidneys! His transplant went really well yesterday and his new kidney started to work straight away. All the surgeons are made up.He came back up to the ward sporting a bag full of pee!! He was really groggy and wired up to the hilt. I left him in a semi awake state.
I went back today and this is Speedy under the influence of lots of morphine and a bit of ice cream.

A few minutes after this ,there was a bit of a trauma because his morphine ran out at the same time as he needed to cough.The pain came back, and as 2 qualified nurses had to deal with the replacement as it was a certain type of drug, he had to wait what seemed like ages but was probably about 15 minutes. It wasn't nice to see him in so much pain and I had a go at the nurses when they arrived but this is what the NHS is turning into. The second nurse was dealing with something equally urgent and we had to wait.

Anyway, as much as I love him to bits, enough of him. Without his sister Diane this wouldn't be happening.She was always the family hero anyway. She was in nursing as a career, and she and her husband Gareth, along with Speedy,took on the major role in looking after after Speedy's dad in his later years after he had a stroke. Dad has now departed and Diane spends a lot of time at Mothers helping her as she is almost blind now.

Monday was a very emotional day for her husband and myself. He must be so proud of his wife.I know I'm very proud of my sister in law. Thank you Diane. Love you so much.xx.

Once again thanks for all cards received so far, and those yet to come.


  1. Hello Diane, Sorry I didn't know about this, probably because my mums been ill, (kidney stones can you believe it?)and I've been taking care of my dad and going to the hospital to see Mum.
    Anyway I am really happy that your Speedy is recovering well and your sister in law is an angel in disguise. Love to you all, Teresa xx

  2. Teresa, even though I don't know either of you, I am amazed at your SILs selfless gift of life, do hope speedy and her make a full recovery, hugs and prayers for you all, Fi xx (fiona k from DC)

  3. so pleased speedys op went well di.best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    xx coops xx


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