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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hi there! More Notecards.

First of all let me tell you what fun i had at my local yesterday afternoon.I always go straight from work with Speedy for a bit of liquid refreshment. Yesterday i took a bag of these little pouches and as people nipped to the loo i snook one onto their table.

It was such a hoot watching them when they came back. They'd pick it up, scrutinise it, look all around the pub then say to the nearest person "where did this come from"? Of course no one knew, i'm too sneaky. So they'd put it down again sligtly to one side,then a few minutes later they'd pick it up again and look around. It was only when they were about to leave that i put them out of their misery. Fo more info on making them see here.
I had a couple of hours playtime this morning while speedy was watching the grand prix so i made this little notecard set.
I love making these as they are very quick and are handy to have in for little thank yous or emergency gifts.The stripy paper is from my scrap box, i only just had enough to finish the inside flaps. The stamp is from the penny black 12 days of christmas clear set.
There is a bit more info on making them here.
                     Thanks for visiting, make sure you take your little gift below.  Di.x


  1. these are fantastic di, love the images on your notelets and how sweet of you to spread a little easter love around your local.luv coops.xx

  2. Thankyou for this brilliant idea,I've tried this and adapted it to make envelopes for my Nestability cards,have had a go at posting a link,hasn't worked out quite like I thought it should but it does bring me back here to you. Please check me out and if you are able to give me guidance on how to improve the link I'll be happy to do it. Thanks again,Julie x http://julie-rainbowdays.blogspot.com/2010/04/if-you-had-any-idea-how-long-this-has.html

  3. Hi Di, what fab little Easter pouches, I'm afraid these wouldn't have made it to the pub if it were me - I didn't even buy my Easter eggs until the last possible minute so that I wouldn't be tempted and eat them all before they got to their recipients!!! Love the little notecard set what a great idea and just love the colour of that paper. Hope you're having a good Easter, take care Ann-Marie xxx

  4. Love what you did with your little Easter pouches Di - what a fab person you are!!! Love your little stationery set - was this difficult to make, how did you do your wallet thingy to put them in - hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks Gay xx
    P.S. I've put some blog candy on my blog

  5. ooo they are so sweet, love the pouches and the notecard and holder are fab xxxx

  6. Those are so so cute!! I wish I worked with you!! :)O

  7. How fun! Bet everyone loved em. . . .

  8. Absolutely adorable, and what a fun and sneaky way to surprise people!


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