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Sunday, 11 April 2010

I've been shopping.

I've needed a new pillow for months now,you know how they go flat and you end up having to sleep with your hand underneath.Not good! I don't drive and Speedy is not forthcoming with offers of  transport to the shops but today i made him take me to Dunhelm mill. I packed him off to PC World to stop him "sitting on my shoulder" all around the shop(as they do).I was mooching around upstairs (no craft stuff in the Chester one) and came by these flowers.

They were less than a fiver for the lot.When i took them to the till the assistant dutifully said "these are lovely are'nt they". She looked horrified when i said i was going to rip them to bits!!
             Here they are ripped to bits..............
There were 40 on the blue stem and 23 various sized ones on the cream stem.I tittered to my self when i read on the label "this is not a toy", i'm sorry but a beg to differ!!
  I also bought a shower curtain,some new towels, oh, and a new pillow!
Well isn't it a lovely sunny day? I've got to go on a diet this week, i'm not grossly overweight but i can;t hide behind cardigans and coats anymore. The booze belly has sadly got to go, christmas is finally over!!!


  1. Hi Di, thanks for stopping by my blog, these flowers look lovely, can just imagine the girls face when you said you were going to pull them apart! Sue x

  2. hiya di, gorgeous flowers hun.will look forward to seeing how you use them.luv coops.xx


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