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Monday, 19 April 2010

Retail Therapy.

Well, i did manage a little mooch around Abakhan yesterday. I tidied all my ribbons on friday night and realised i had far too many plain ones and that i "needed" some fancier ones.Of course that's not all i came out with.
Here it is all dumped in a heap.The little wooden thingies at the front were also Craft for Occasions.
I'm thinking perhaps some more of these notecards.I also got some sparkly bits just to add a bit of bling.
I found a little sale area,not very exciting but i thought these "papers" by Habico were a good find for 55p. I took them out of the packets to find they were actually card and 3 of each colour were double sided.
The peach ones had soft green on the back and the lemon ones had a sort of amethyst. Yippee! I can feel some boxes coming on !! I got a few 1 metre lengths of ribbon too.
I've been into town this morning to do some food shopping. I didn't get on the scales today as i fear the worst and it may put me off track with the diet, i'd best pretend all is well and get on with it!
   Off to play now.   Di.


  1. oooo fabby stash, nothing like a bit of retail therapy.have fun.luv coops.xx

  2. Yummy ribbons, they are so cheap in there. Won't be needing any for a while though, just placed large order in the closing down sale at Poppicrafts. Sarah x


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