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Monday, 30 August 2010

Another award,thank you Sharon.

I recieved this award a few days ago but have only just got round to posting it. It's from Sharon at Bonkers about Buttons. Thank you very much Sharon. Part of the deal is that i have to tell you all seven things about myself, so here they are.

1. I am an unidentical twin.
2.My dad was my sunday school teacher...........no truant there then!
3.I can't drive nor do i want to.
4.I hate hairdressers and have been cutting my own hair since i was fourteen
5.I'm scared of anything with more than four legs, more so if they've got wings.
6.I'm vey broad minded and laugh at the dirtiest jokes.
7.I want to win the lottery,lol.

So there you are. What i'm supposed to do now is pass it on to my seven fave blogs. As i already did that with my last award i'd like any of the blogs in "my  blog list" in my sidebar, to help themselves as you all deserve it. And don't forget to peep at Sharons lovely blog.


  1. congrats on your award di,love the 7 facts about you :)

    xx coops xx

  2. Well deserved award, there is another for you on my blog, lol. Thanks for the tip about the button, I never thought of that, great idea. xxx


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