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Friday, 13 August 2010

Silver wedding anniversary card.

I don't know why it took me hours to make this easy card but it did ! I started by using the silver embossed card (from Payperbox) as the actual card base but decided i didn't like it, so i used a white 6"x6" card instead. then i decided it needed another layer between the white and silver but couldn't decide what colour so opted for black.

The heart stamp was free with a mag about 2 years ago. I stamped it in silver and embossed with clear powder, and yes you guessed it took me a few goes to do it without singeing the paper,lol. I don't heat emboss very often so i'm not used to how far i can push it.
Then i couldn't decide on flower colour and where to put them. I started with a large silver bow but decided on lilac flowers with a small bow in which case i could have used purple card instead of black. I got there in the end though. Funnily enough i actually enjoyed making it! It is for Speedy's sister and brother in law for next week.There are 50 of us all going out for a big scoff, luckily it's on friday after my weigh in lol.
  Speaking of which.........................

The friday weigh in, 9st 6lb.  The pound i put on last week is back off, total loss back to 10lbs. I do hope i'm not going to be playing with the same pound on and off all the time. And i've told Patrick if he buys me a cake today he'll be wearing it, he still bought me one last week even though i'd put a pound back on, naughty boy!


  1. Oh, Di, this is LOVELY, even if it did take ages to make, lol.


    Judi xxx

  2. beautiful card Diane , looks very elegant xxx carrie xxx

  3. A lovely elegant card, I'm sure they'll love it. I'm always swapping and changing papers, colours and things before I'm finaly happy with a card ... wish I could be quicker but it's just not me. 'Indecision is the key to flexability'

    Lynn x

  4. Di this card is just gorgeous!, so love the stamped hearts and the flowers are just perfect. Hope you have a great evening next week, take care Vicky xx

  5. Beautiful card! Every minute well spent.

  6. gorgeous card di, i love the silver hearts and fab backing paper.really elegant.

    xx coops xx

  7. This is gorgeous, very elegant.

  8. Your invitation card is the first impression you make on the guests who will share your special day with you. The perfect beginning to your dream wedding is the perfect wedding Invitation card. If only it were so simple.


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