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Friday, 7 January 2011

Shopping Trip

No cards today because while my mojo is on strike i took the opportunity to go to Liverpool Papermill Shop yesterday. As all their shops seem to be closing down one by one i thought i'd better go and stock up mainly with the white card i use for my 6 x 6 (ish) card bases. There were 3 assistants at the till and i asked if people had been panic buying. No answer, so i said " you know, with some of your other shops closing". Just a one word reply "no". Then i said " there's plenty of panicking going on on the Docrafts website". No reply again. So i didn't pursue it any further, no point, they must only employ robots. I don't slag shop assistants very often as i am one myself and there's always 2 sides to the story but these 3 were just not interested in conversation,lol. I got 3 large boxes, so come on mojo where are you?
Here's a little photo fom Cute Overload. A great site with lots of funny pics and videos. Daft dogs and scatty cats etc. Go and have a peek.

Yes, i know what day it is lol. Ahem...... target weight 9st 2lb,   todays weight, 9st 5lb. Not bad as i've ate and drank for Queen and country for 3 weeks . No point in doing anything about it yet as there's still "stuff" in the house but look out treadmill, i'm coming to get ya soon....................


  1. Hi Di

    The Papermill Shop I used to go to has closed down :-( such a shame. I used to love going around with my boxes choosing all the lovely colours.

    I buy from Papermill Direct now .. .. they have some great offers every so often and I just make the most of those .. .. .. but it isn't the same as visiting a store.

    I hope your mojo comes back soon.

    Love Jules xx

  2. My local one closes today :( need some white card but the weather is so awful that I don't fancy making the effort incase it's a wasted journey! Sending you a handful of Mojo,Julie.x

  3. Hi Diane, I used to love going around the shop with a box choosing all sorts of coloured card as well, but now my 2 nearest stores have closed. Shame on them, closing all the stores. Hope your mojo returns with a vengence very soon.
    Sally x


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