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Monday, 10 January 2011

Get Out of my House !

O.K. Here comes January and the instinct to clean the nest. I said instinct, not desire lol. A lot of us are turning our thoughts to black bin bags and rubbish dumps. My home is like a rubbish dump at the moment.
Well it isn't really but that's how i see it. Today i've made a start clearing stuff that's been accumulating over the years. Most of it belongs to Speedy by the way and it's going to be hard work getting him to part with useless items. The living room is fine but the bedroom and spare room need a total sling out. Anything new that enters the flat has nowhere to go. Storage is a problem anyway as there are boxed in pipes all around the outer walls which means nothing can go flush against the wall. I'm going to have to be totally ruthless.  I think if i get this sorted my mojo will come back. I tried to make a card today but i can't seem to get on with paper and card at the moment as i know i should be doing more important things. Wish me luck y'all !
Oh, and listen to this !!! Me and Speedy fell asleep after a couple of drinkies on Saturday. I was woken to the Sound of Speedy saying  "Di, there's a fly in my ear, there's a fly in my ear" ! We tried to flush it out with water and a dropper without success and i was thinking it must only be a tiny little thing to get into a mans hairy ear. But no, he went to the docs today and it was a full blown house fly,lol. How gross !!  And no my flat isn't that bad that it's full of flies. It may be cluttered but it's clean,lol. See you soon.


  1. I know the feeling, after 7 months of decorating through the house last year, I still need to muck out in the bedrooms, a little at a time is my motto....... may be done this time next year lol
    Tilly x

  2. your poor hubby,that made me feel quite queasy....lol
    good luck with the clearout,i have already attacked the kitchen cupboards and this weekend it will be the no go zone,ie cupboard under the stairs...lol
    hope the mojo returns soon,x

  3. I know just how you feel Diane. Every so often I attack cupboards, drawers & even whole rooms to get rid of stuff that seems to accumulate from nowhere! I gave loads of good stuff away on my local Freecycle group last year & binned the rubbish. So, how come the house doesn't look any emptier? I think we must be fighting a losing battle!
    Sally x
    PS I hope hubby is getting over his nasty fly attack.

  4. i`m the same too di.clutter everywhere and it neero sorting out and either donating to charity or taken to the tip.hope speedy has recoverd form the fly in his ear.it must of being awful.

    xx coops xx

  5. OMG,poor Speedy hope he is ok now.I think we are all clearing out by the sounds of it lol.I am trying to when the energy levels allow.Hugs xx


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