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Monday, 24 October 2011

Another spice box.

Well, here we go again, back to trying to take decent photos in electric light. This is the best I can get these to their true colours.

I know I've posted this type of box before but I'm showing you this one because the spices are on special offer at Tesco, 2 for £2.50 at the moment so it makes an even cheaper stocking filler.The links for the free image is on this post along with some slightly better photos.

I've got quite a few of them made ready as they come in handy for work mates and little extras for people who are hard to buy for.

Remember me telling you about my boss with his packet of oats last week? Well, speedy has had to go one better. He fancied nachos with a bit of chilli last night so I decided to have chilli with rice for myself. He wanted to watch the end of the film so I dished mine up and left his chilli in a dish and grated some cheese for him. I told him the chilli was under the grill on low keeping warm and all he needed to do was put half of the cheese on top, grill it for a couple of minutes, put the nachos and the rest of the cheese on top and grill it again. Easy??? No!! He goes into the kitchen and comes back with a plate with a layer of grated cheese on it, lol. nothing else, just cheese. He said "do I put it under the grill like this then?" He hadn't listened to a word I'd said. What he was planning to do with the plate of grilled cheese, I just don't know. As you've guessed, I normally do all the cooking. Useless men!


  1. Lol!! Loving the spice box ideas they look fab xx

  2. OMG...What is it with men, they just never listen!!
    I have a little story for you..id just come home from food shopping & hubby offered to put the food away so off he trots to do that while i got on with doing other things...anyhoo on the night time i decided i want to do something quick to eat before card class so i thought do some pasta sauce mixes for quickness, i look in the cupboards for them couldn't find them anywhere so shouted for hubby & explained what i was looking for...to my amazement he walks straight up to the freezer & pulls them out...i said to him 'why have you put them in the freezer' so he says 'its said sauce on it so i just presumed they needed to be in there'....'WHAT!! its dried pasta mix' so he said ' well i didnt know that & 2 you cant see in the packet'....OMG typical bloke who doesn't think or read!!
    Now i know it was lovely for him to offer to put it all away but never again as i dread to think what else he would put in that darn freezer!!

    Right back to your spice box hun...well i think its great & what a fantastic gift idea too..love it!!
    hugs and xxx

  3. Heehee, men! They really do come out with the daftest things. My hubby asked me could he ask me a question about the chicken fillets that some women put in their bra's (thankfully I dont need these)and I replied suspiciously "Ye go on" he then asked me "Well, do the chicken fillets not start to smell really bad after a while and go off?". Now my hubby is one of the most intelligent men I know so needless to say I nearly wet myself laughing when he asked me that, heehee, Im in kinks now writing this!!

    Anyway, enough daft men stories....Love your spice box Di, such pretty wee gifts they'd make. Great as a stocking filler for budding chefs. Lee xx

  4. We had nachos for tea tonight and the where yummy!
    Love the box and what a great stocking filler.
    Diane xx

  5. hehe.lol.luckily my hubby ain`t too bad at rustling up quick teas but i have never yet seen him peel a vegetable in 22 years.lol.
    love your stunning gift.great idea for a foodie ;D

    xx coops xx

  6. ROFL,bless him you love him really.You are clever love your spice box,brilliant.Hope all ok with you.xx


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