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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Oats so Hilarious.

No cards today but a bit of a giggle instead. Now, no way am I about to take the wee wee out of my boss as I respect his position as proprietor and besides, he pays my rent,lol. No, I love him to bits, partly because he's such a sweetie pie, but not least, because he makes me laugh. He doesn't tell jokes or funny stories. He doesn't need to. He makes me laugh just by being Patrick. On Friday morning he arrives on the shop floor with a sachet of Oat so Simple which his girlfriend had given him for his morning break as he usually skips breakfast due to the 6am start.

I'm tittering to myself now before I've even told the story, lol. It was fairly busy in the shop so I couldn't give him my full attention, but he was basically trying to figure out what to do with the sachet. I glanced at it  ( I've never had one of these either as I don't like porridge) and said well have you got a bowl ? He said  "no, I'll make it in my mug", which is quite large.  Then he said,  " oh come one Di, it can't be as hard as it looks on the packet" (!!) and went downstairs.  2 minutes later he went back to check on his gorgeous smelling brekkie. I heard a load of expletives and he was standing there with a microwave turntable covered in oats. "What happened", I said. "I dunno, it's a load of s**t ",  he said. It was only half an hour later after a load of questions, I realised what he'd done. He'd stood the packet of oats in the mug,  filled it to the mark with milk and switched the microwave on!! Well we laughed our heads off. At least the shop smelled of lovely syrup for ages. I told him he was going on my blog  which he doesn't look at anyway. Love him to bits , he's so funny, much better than working with a load of  boring women talking about bleaching and cleaning..................


  1. Heehee, that had me in complete kinks. Awww men.....this is such a typical example of men not wanting to read instructions, heehee. Lee x

  2. Hi Diane.Thanks for your lovely visit and comment.Can't stop laughing,got this picture of the mess Lol.Awww Bless him.xx

  3. Got visions of all the mess lol. My OH has these sachet's for breakfast every morning. (How boring) lol. The one good thing about them is the kitchen smells lovely after. xx

  4. OMG! Me thinks your boss is a TYPICAL man!! What a nutter!!

    Judi x

  5. hahahaha that is so funny.i wonder if he told his girlfriend what he had done.lol what a typical bloke though :D
    poor patrick.

    xx coops xx


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