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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

An older cutting and sticking habit.

I was sorting through my enormous cookery book collection the other day trying to decide which ones to give away and which ones to keep. I had far too many and my shelves were bursting at the seems. I ended up wondering which one i would keep if I was only allowed to keep one. No contest. It was one I started compiling 14 years ago. It started life as a hardback " day to a page " diary. I decided to give it the respect it deserved and here's how it turned out.

12 x 12 paper wasn't wide enough to fold inside at the top and bottom but that's OK as I'm going to cover it with some clear adhesive plastic. It took 2 sheets, one for the front and one for the back.

I've spent years cutting recipes out of magazines and copying ones from library books.

I've used each month for a different category eg chicken, beef, cheese , desserts, food gifts, preserving, etc.

And another page. I'm looking at it now and wondering how on earth chicken soup ended up in the fish chapter, lol.

And if you're not drooling enough already here's a page from the desserts chapter. Unlike the rest of my cookery books, there is nothing in this book that I wouldn't like to make and eat.
If I've inspired you to start one of these yourself make sure you buy a decent quality diary and reinforce the spine with tape before covering it as it will end up bulging quite a bit.

I'll hit the publish button now but I'll find the links to the images which were freebies and add them later.

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  1. Di this is a fabulous cook book and what a fantastic idea too. I love your cover. Lee x

  2. Lovely, I too have loads of recipes on scraps of paper supposed to be in a file but they just end up stuffed in the cupboard - hmm must try harder to be tidy!!

  3. A super book......... I have my cut outs in a file in plastic pockets, not as pretty as yours lol

  4. fabulous cookbook di.i have quite a collection of hardback notebooks all filled to the brim with recipes, you`ve given me the kick up the bum to fund them out and get cooking ;D

    xx coops xx

  5. Wow....what a wonderful project. And what a special gift. Turned out fabulously~!

  6. Another Brilliant idea,Love it.xx


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