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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Easter boxes.

Hello everybody, what a lovely day! Spring has definitely sprung and thoughts of easter are filling my head.This morning i dug out my free stamp from Quick Cards and made these little boxes for some marzipan sweets i bought from Aldi.
There were ten sweets in the pack so poor me, i had to eat one! Boxmaking is very easy once you've worked out your measurements . To do these i first lay my 3 chocs on a piece of paper and drew around them.Then, as i needed the box to be 2cm high i added 4cm each way and scored 2cm in along each side.
Always remember the lid needs to be slightly larger than the bottom,not much only about 2-3mm each way.I always use scotch quick dry adhesive (white bottle,red label) for my boxes.
This afternoon i'm going to make some little milk carton boxes and i'll photo some instructions for you. See you tomorrow.     Di.xx


  1. Fab Easter boxes I love the cute image. Looking forward to seeing your milk cartons. Take care Ann-Marie xxx

  2. wow these are fab.love the little image but my fav has to be the chocs.i lovvvvee marzipan.yumyum.luv coops.xx

  3. These are great! xx Jenny xx http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com/


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