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Monday, 15 March 2010

St Patrick's card.

Well i am neither use nor ornament today.I went out for a barmeal with Speedy last night and when we got home it was still quite early so we drank the rest of the wine leftover from saturday.When that was gone Speedy asked if i fancied a little G&T.By this time all sense of logic had gone so i found myself saying "there's another bottle of wine in the cupboard". Big mistake! My mum, who drinks wine by the thimbleful is always saying the devil lives halfway down the bottle waiting to get you.,and didn't i know it this morning.
No cardmaking today because of the shaky hands but i made this one yesterday.
I made it for my boss who's name is Patrick but believe me he's no saint,love him to bits though.I only have one little Paddy's stamp set and i didn't want the card ending up the same as last years so i used a heart stamp and drew the stem in.A few blobs or glitter glue and a bow and that was that.
Thanks for visiting.   Di. x


  1. fantastic card, really love it and i hope you are feeling a little better now.lol.luv coops.xx

  2. This is really gorgeous! As usual x Leigh x


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