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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Kanban set two.

This is the other kanban stamp set i bought on saturday, completely different to the other one.

I made a quick card with it yesterday and here it is.I'm not too impressed with it really. My heart wasn't really into it because i know i should be making 2 mothers day cards. I love both mums to bits but when i need to make a particular card for particular occassion, it upsets my mojo.I'd much rather cut and stick willy nilly and see what comes out. That's it i've GOT to do them on wednesday come what may!!
       Oops, i was just about to wander off without uploading the card! Here goes. Ugh...even the sentiment is crooked!
This is a scheduled post as i'm at work today.   Hugs,  Di.


  1. How can you not be impressed with it? It is lovely x leigh x

  2. Borders Crafter4 April 2010 at 18:16

    Gorgeous little stamped image - so what if the sentiment is a bit "wonky"! It adds to the charm! Linda xx


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