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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Proper dozy!!

Eeee, you learn summat new every day! Todays little gem of a discovery is when i edit photos in picasa it's best to then save them.(duh). I've been wondering why my photos on here appear to be dull when they are ok in picasa. Now sometimes i can't help right clicking on things just to see what comes up. I clicked on one of my pics and one of the options was "save". That's when the penny dropped!! The reason i'm posting this is, one,to embarass myself, and,two, to help any other technophobes out there. Hopefully tomorrows pics should be better (otherwise i'll look even dafter).

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  1. bless - believe me - because you learned this the hardway - you'll never again forget to do it. self taught is always best. reading your blog header and your side bar 'about me' bit, seems you are doing a great job... keep on leaning, tripping up, and learning from the good as well as the bad - you'll go from technophobe to technogeek in no time :O)

    Paula x x x


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