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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quick wedding post.

A quickie post as i'm going out soon. I thought i'd post a couple of pics of the wedding yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day but by 'eck it was cold.

Here they are Speedy, and his son Neil with his new wife Nina. A bit windswept and all looking at different cameras as everyone was taking pics at once,lol.
This one was taken at the afternoon reception at The Devon Doorway in Heswall on the Wirral. If anyone lives near there the food is excellent, not one of us was disappointed with their meal.

And last but not least the most beautiful mother and baby in the world. Why are they? Because i said so,lol. Now the wedding has been there is a nice big empty space in my brain, perhaps i can now start filling it with cardmaking ideas instead of dresses, suits, ties,shoes,flowers, invitations..................
Sorry there'n no piccy of me but that's because my lovely husband took 85 photos...............of eveyone else. Don't you just love 'em, lol. If someone e,mails me one i'll upload it, ( he will pay dearly for this believe me!).


  1. The wedding looks wonderful and the bride is gorgeous, oh I bet you could kill your o/h for that.....this happened to a friend of mine at there grandchilds christening...he is still paying for it 5yrs later...lol....

  2. Wow the photo's are gorgeous Di, Nina looks stunning and the wee babe looks soooo gorgeous, I would kill my O/H too lol!
    Take care Vicky xx

  3. what beautiful piccies,but tell speedy off as i want to see you in your dress and with your weight loss,sure you looked lovely though di,x

  4. stunning pics di.the bride looks beautiful and an amazing dress.little baby is so cute :)
    hopefully we get to see a pic of you soon!!

    xx coops xx

  5. Actually, he did take one photo of me. A big zoom in on the back of my head. He said " you should have asked me to take a photo of you". No Speedy, you should have wanted a photo for yourself.Nobody else had to ask.Thankfully i went to all that trouble to lose all that weight for the mirror as well as the camera, the mirror will always be there for me.I don't really need a photo do i.

  6. The happy couple look gorgeous and cute little boy too!
    hugs and xxx

  7. These pics are sooooo gorgeous.Love them all.xx

  8. Gorgeous photos, glad all went well. Congratulations to the happy couple. xxx

  9. What beautiful pictures looks like a lovely day. The bride looks beautiful.

    Kerry x


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