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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Chutney Gift.

Real quickie post and a quickie gift as i need to get wrapping up and writing my cards( pet hate). There is absolutely nothing crafty or skillful going on with this one. Just an idea for jazzing up a couple of jars of chutney.
Just a bit of cello, a bit of ribbon and a tag. Cheap stocking filler, as Gordon Ramsay would say, "done".
 Right, ...........off to wrap.    Thanks for stopping by.   Di.xx


  1. It's a good pressie, Diane. Absolutely nothing wrong with decorating something that you know will be well received! Good luck with your wrapping & writing! They are my pet hates as well!
    Sally x

  2. Hi Diane.How ya diddling.Yum yum,i wouldn't say no to either of these or both actually lol.great presents.Happy Christmas.xx

  3. Oh! I just love all your ideas and tips, it's so great to know where you buy them and for a change they are UK stores, I made your Reindeer poop out of the Cadburys crispy flakes , they have gone down a hoot, thank you so much for the ideas I love them all.#

    Wish I was as original, thank again

  4. You've inspired me to wrap a couple of pressies in your style. Had the cellopahne for years and have made good use of it thanks to you. xxx


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