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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Off my Trolley !!

Just a quickie post. Yes it's the silly season again and this is what happens in Chester every year 2 weeks before Christmas. My sleigh comes out !!
Yes, i know i'm barkin' mad. Always have been, always will be. In fact i hope i'm really eccentric when i'm old, lol. My sleigh is all ready for it's debut on Saturday , it goes to all the dimly lit pubs after i finish work and people are asking where it is already. A couple of days before Christmas and Christmas eve i always have a few little gifts in there for anyone who i take a shine to. There will be a bit of Christmas smut in there this year along with the good clean stuff. The lights are battery operated and i always use rechargeable but they last about 4 hours. Marvelous darlings.......................


  1. What no tinsel?????
    Love it!!!!!

  2. Pmsl. I bet you have a scream. xx

  3. I had tinsel on it last year but it go really scruffy so i left it off this year,lol.

  4. Fantastic hun!, yep you are totally mad but soooo funny lol!
    Take care, hugs Vicky xx

  5. You are a complete nutter! ....and I absoulutly love it, I'm thinking of getting me one, good on ya Diane its so nice when people do silly/lovely things like this at christmas! Hope you have a wonderful christmas. Teresa xx

  6. Your never to old to love christmas is my Mums motto and she would love this. Made me smile.
    Enjoy yourself.
    x Tricia

  7. Tee hee Di .. .. you really made me smile and made me think of that poem .. something to do with wearing purple!! (I love purple)!!!

    You are so funny and I am well impressed with your Christmas trolley. Not because it is adorned with pretty lights .. .. but because of all of those gorgeous hearts!!! LOL!!

    Have a good time.

    Love Jules xx

  8. Fab idea, and yes your barkin hun xxx

  9. Wow I want one!!


  10. Yep your off your tolley but i love it ha ha will have to keep an out out for ya if im in chester before christmas....i live not too far away.
    Shell xx

  11. I love it Di! A friend has just bought herself a trolley after the recent weather problems and I now have her seriously contemplating adorning it with lights! Crazy but sooo much fun!! Di x

  12. Absolutely barmy as you say, but I LOVE IT, I can just imagine the stares and the comments, you must have a wonderful time out shopping hahaahahahahahaha, I love love love it.

  13. Love..... love ..... love it ..... you are a woman after my own heart .... you cannot have enough fairy light at this time of year!!

  14. i love it you could add some bells to it this year so peps can hear you coming as well as see you big love Marc


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