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Friday, 3 December 2010

Well chuffed with this one.

I decided to be very brave yesterday and slide my way into town to do a bit of festive shopping. It was actually OK once i was out of the side roads. I ambled around for ages looking for bloke stuff but gave up for now as i don't want to fall into the "toiletries" trap again. I decided to think a bit harder and try again next week. I managed to get a few things for the girls though. I'd already bought our new daughter in law a massive cookery book and decided some herbs and spices might be a nice addition. I bought Tesco's own brand as i like the square jars and they are just as good as the more expensive ones. I got home and had a play and how cool is this?
I didn't want to wrap them up just as they were so i made a box base. A bit of a faff getting the measurements right but then it was a doddle.The box is made from a 12" x12" DCWV glitter card stack, A4 was too narrow.I placed the jars in position and measured the width and the length, then added an inch and a half on each side for the depth,(I used a bit of wallpaper to work it out on). I stuck a piece of heavyweight card into the base for extra strength.The cost of the herbs and spices was £4.15. I used to work for Culpeper The Herbalist before they changed all their packaging and all the gift sets were hand done by us girlies. We used to use shrink wrap and a heat gun and we were at it all day around Christmas. We used to tell people we were the best female wrap artists in the country,lol.
They changed to factory packed sets and they looked awful, the stuff was rolling around in the boxes. The whole place went downhill so i left , but not without a souvenir half roll of redundant cellophane,and a few basic skills in how to make a few bits and bobs into a gift set. Now i've taken a trip down memory lane i'll probably spend the rest of the year looking for "gift set" stuff.
 It's ok to show pressies on here as the only person who looks is my sister so i won't be spoiling any surprises.
I must admit I cheated and drafted this post last night as i knew it was a long one.
Thanks for visiting. xx

Target weight 9st 2lb, todays weight 9st 1lb.


  1. Wow Di - this looks fantastic!!!

    Shame Tesco don't look on your blog .. .. they would be blown away.

    How special you have made a few jars look - and what a great present too. I would have never thought of that .. even though I would love to receive the gift.

    You come up with some great ideas.

    Stay safe in this awful weather.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Wow great gift, deffinatly a talented women xxxx

  3. That is certainly a really nice looking gift! Well thought out & prettily presented. I'm sure your sister will be thrilled to get this! You are such a clever clogs Di!!!!!
    Sally x

  4. I see you have woven your magic once again Diane,it's lovely.Glad you got to town safely and home.xx

  5. Yet another brilliant gift idea Di,Found this one today and thought of you,I'm sure you can think of something you can do with it!
    Hope you like it,Julie.x

  6. this is fantastic di and looks really expensive.i am going to call you the gift queen from now on.you gift ideas are always so brilliant :D

    xx coops xx

  7. Hi Di, you certainly are the Gift Queen, you amaze me with all the fabulous ideas. You would probably pay a fortune for something like this.
    Sue x

  8. Totally brilliant, I am so envious how you manage to make these brilliant gifts. Keep them coming, you are so inspirational. xxx

  9. wow, it does look expensive, maybe I should sit and think a bit more instead of rushing into stuff, great idea


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