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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Little Competition.

I'm going away tomorrow for 4 days. It's a mystery coach trip so we don't know where we are going. I was tidying my den and found a few things i wasn't likely to use so i decided to do a little competition.  Try and guess where we end up (leave comment) and the person who guesses nearest wins. If more than one person gets it right i'll get Speedy to pick a name out of his pint glass,lol.
Not the most exciting prize, just a few odds and ends for a bit of fun .I may find a few more bits but won't have time to take another pic. We will definitely be in either England, Scotland or Wales and don't forget if you choose a place which there is more than one of like Whitchurch or Whitby etc, to say which one. Closing date/time, 6pm Monday2nd May. I will let you know who wins next week, either Monday or Tuesday night. Sorry, open to UK residents only due to postal charges. Good luck. XX


  1. hi di,have a fab time,i think you are going to end up at yorkshire dales,x

  2. Hi Di,I too think Yorkshire,or maybe it's just I wish I was going to Yorkshire.I'm going to be specific thoughI hope you're going to go to my most favourite place ever........
    Goathland! If you do,take a trip in the steam train for me ;)
    Have a fantastic break wherever you go though!Julie x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Changed my mind!!! Looked at your home location on Docrafts - I will guess the Scottish Borders (maybe Melrose).
    Think I went too far north with my first guess so deleted it!
    Have a great time.

    (fionaeildon on Docrafts)

  5. Have a wonderful time, and i think you are going to end up in ummmmm .............. Kendal

    Kate xxx

  6. Sorry Di, got no idea but just wanted to say have a good time & enjoy yourself.
    Sally x

  7. Hi Di - I would guess whitby for your trip as I too thought somewhere in Yorkshire - have a great time


  8. The Lake District! Hope you have a fabulous weekend wherever you end up! x

  9. Hi Di

    I have never been on a mystery tour .. .. how exciting.

    Where shall I send you?

    I am assuming the driver won't want to head South because of all of the wedding traffic etc so I will send you to Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Wherever you go I hope you have a great time away.

    Actually I have been on a mystery tour. It was one valentine evening and my hubby was taking me out and not telling me where we were going. He drove off the drive and turned left .. .. great I thought .. .. at least it isn't the local pub just up the road!! Wrong .. .. he went a very long way round to end up at the local pub!! It was quite a nice meal actually (for a change) .. they must have got a different cook in for the evening LOL!!

    Love Jules xx

  10. Hi Di

    I've never been on a mystery tour but as I stay in Scotland I would wish you to come here as it is beautiful. My guess is Aberfoyle near Loch Lomond. Anyway I hope you have had a great weekend as the weather has been fab.


  11. MMMMMMMM I wonder if it would be Weymouth? don't know why I would think that.

    Oh! allright I saw your post of where you had been. :)


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