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Monday, 11 April 2011

Quick little Easter idea.

I was strolling around Morrisons last week and i came across some gingerbread Easter bunnies. They were in the bread section in a plastic tub, you know, the ones they have the mini flapjacks etc in. There were 35 for £1.99. I could feel a little Easter gift coming on.
I searched Google images for the Easter bunny and made up the little ditty. I thought if i put 5 bunnies in each bag i'd get 7 bags. Nope, there were 2 broken ones so me and speedy had to eat  5 biccies between us. Shame,lol.
I hope i've given you enough time to get some of these done before next week. The bags are the ones used foe 4x6 cards and the font is Riesling.


  1. what a brill idea but i am afraid they would get all eaten before they made it to the bag in my house...lol

  2. A supa idea Di, you are soooo clever with your little rhymes too!
    Sally x

  3. what a cute little pressie lol........good thinking

  4. what a great idea, i love your rhymes x

  5. fabulous easter treats di.i love your fab ditty :D

    xx coops xx

  6. What a great little ditty you wrote to go along with these little treasures! Cute.


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