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Friday, 15 October 2010

17p Stocking fillers!!

I've been out and about looking for bargains. I needed some beads so i went to Abakhan and got 3 packs of glass pearls, one packet of 3 toggle fasteners and a little storage box. It came to £16, not a bargain! Now i remember why i stopped the jewellery making,lol. Next i went to Primark and bought 3 long sleeved t.shirts and 2 vests for the same amount. Deffo a bargain. Then i went and mooched around Wilkinsons because i had a brainwave for some notebooks.These notepads were 17p each (29p in Tesco if you don't have a Wilkinsons), so i scuttled home to alter them.
I had the "Liszt" idea when i was sorting my den and unearthed the manuscript card i got from Payperbox months ago. Don't worry, there's loads of manuscript papers on google images. I printed the "shopping liszt" in curly cue font size 32 using My Craft Studio. They looked a bit bare so the peel offs came to the rescue. I thought these were all i had left but found more after taking the photo. As if these weren't enough of a bargain check out these for 11p!
Apologies for the not too brilliant photos but yesterday was so dull all day. (They look a bit clearer if you click on them). Still at least Blogger has made the uploading easier, must have had complaints.      Thanks for looking and see you soon. Di.xx

Target weight, 9st 2lb. todays weight 9st 0lb. Don't ask me how, i've not done anything different to the last couple of weeks. Yippee though, a couple of pound to play with at the weekend.


  1. These are great gifts Diane xxxx

  2. Fantabulous!I love making these little notebooks,your clever title is just brilliant!.x

  3. wow these are great di, i love all your fab ideas :D

    xx coops xx

  4. WOW.These are all BRILLIANT.Love how you have altered them.Congrats on your weight loss.keep forgetting to weigh lol.xx

  5. super stocking fillers indeed,well done on the weight loss,x

  6. Great idea Di! Anyone would be thrilled to get one xx Jenny xx

  7. These are fantastic altered gifts and such a bargin too!
    hugs and xxx


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