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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Peel offs to the rescue.

I had a phone call on monday at tea time from the bloke who owns the pub opposite the shop i work at. "I need  an anniversary card, anything with Ian and Sue on it will do" he said. Ok i said , "when do you want it for"? "Are you in work tomorrow" he said!!!. Mind you, he did apologise for the short notice.So off i went and looking round for something for a quick card i stumbled upon my peel offs.Oh, bliss, they come in handy sometimes don't they,lol. These were from the Papermill Shop.
With a bit of scrap paper and my new computer skills (lol) and it was done in a trice. The light wasn't very good for the photo though. I took it into work, didn't charge him as it was such a quickie and was rewarded with a big bacon buttie, yum!! Very nice, but the whole world including my mother,(who made me a full size coffee cake) is unwittingly out to make me fat again,lol. Ok, the odd treat won't hurt, but when these treats appear every day they will hurt badly. I'm going to have to put my foot down again.People think that once you get to your target, the diet is off. Wrong!!


  1. But the peel offs are classy looking ones! I must polish up my computer skills, looks great straight on the card. Enjoy your day Di,julie x

  2. Hi Di

    Very beautiful looking peel offs!! Just perfect for what you needed.

    If only every order could be completed that quickly eh?

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  3. Great quickie card - wish they all could be completed like that.
    Keep saying 'no' to the extras, make people realise you will have a treat when you want it not when they want you to have it. I know , I have been there and now need to lose 2 stone again!!!!
    x Tricia

  4. most impressed with your quickie card di,might have to steal your idea...lol
    bacon butty sounds yummy but like you say too many and you will be at the beginning which is not good,x

  5. What a gorgeous quick card!
    hugs and xxx

  6. gorgeous quickie card di and the bacon buttie sounds like good payment to me, yum :)

    xx coops xx

  7. Really elegant card.How do you get the lettering on your card wiv the pc please.Mmmmmm coffee cake i love it.xx

  8. Brilliant for a quickie. xxx


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