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Friday, 22 October 2010

In a jam.

Another gift for those awkward people, mainly men but also perhaps an elderly relative or neighbour. I was browsing the "posh" jars in M&S and there was lots of potential for this gift. Cooks ingredients like pesto etc, chutneys and even everyday redcurrant jelly and horseradish sauce.I chose these two jams but i'll be heading back there soon.

It was a bit of a fiddle getting the box the right size but i used cheap A4 paper till i got it right. I stood the jars on it and drew the base size then added two and a half inches to each side for the height. It still wasn't right first time but i got there in the end.
A word of advice, use the thickest card you can get your hands on for this size jar. Mine is medium to heavyweight but could do with being a bit stronger. Perhaps another card matting layer under the paper ( Papermania home for christmas) would be an idea for next time. I glued a piece of card inside the base too. Then i realised the jars needed to be wrapped together in cellophane to keep them inside the box, luckily i had some in. The tag stamp is from a Papermania clear set and the ribbon was from Abakhan.These boxes can be used for all sorts, two bubble baths, boxes of posh cookies as long as they're quite dumpy boxes, rolled up socks, in fact two of anything. once you've worked out the size they are quite simple. Leave a comment if you've any brainwaves for contents.
                Thanks for looking, see you soon . Di.xx

Target weight, 9st 2lb. Todays weight, 9st. (Sorry if this is boring but it's the only way i'll stay on track.)


  1. Ohhh I do love a box....How about for a crafting friend,a few reels of those 99p ribbons. Or a couple of cans of beer. A bottle of bubble bath and a bath scrunchie,Yippee,that's just given me the idea of how to wrap up my stock of bubble bath and scrunchie lilly things I bought on offer at body shop the other week,Thanks for that :) Have a great weekend,Julie.x

  2. wow another fantastic gift idea di.love your gift ideas.the paper you have used is gorgeous and the ribbon is the perfect finishing touch :D

    xx coops xx

  3. WOW Diane,you're on a roll.Another gorgeous gift idea.We don't have any family to speak of so don't have much of a problem for gift ideas.Sometimes i wish we did lol.Only the 2 of us at Christmas.xx

  4. You have given some great gift idea's....thanks ever so much, you are an inspiration!
    hugs and xxx

  5. What a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing your brainwave. xxx


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