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Friday, 18 June 2010

Come back, i need you !

Mr Mojo has gone and left me again. Apparently there's a few more gone missing lately,i reckon they've been planning this for weeks. I've struggled with the last few cards and only just managed to scrape a few together today. Funny isn't it how some days they just flow and others you end up tearing your hair out.Well time is a great healer, we'll just have to wait
.Meanwhile, this is todays offering. Little Penny Black hedgie and a few punched scraps. Card base is 5"x5" hessian look.
 All these missing mojos, they aren't all into football by any chance are they? If they all come back with a tan and traces of red paint on their faces we'll know where they've been! Now there's a thought, my red lippy's missing too................

Friday weigh in, i'm stuck!!! still 9st 9lb. I must have hit that stage where i need to eat even less......or move about more. The hobby doesn't help does it, sitting making cards or looking at other peoples. I'm with Patrick today as well he always buys me a cake on a friday no matter how many times i tell him not to, young lads don't understand the word diet do they. Oh well , as the school report always said,  "must try harder".


  1. Hi Di

    I find it so strange that most of the stamps you show are also in my collection !! We must be similar.

    Wherever Mr Mojo is you are managing very well without him!! This card is lovely.

    Enjoy that cake - you deserve a little treat every now and then!

    Love Jules xx

  2. Fab card. Love everthing about it.

    I once was on a diet like you stuck then a few weeks later lost 2lbs. Well I was so excited but I'm a little overweight so reasonable meals and a treat now and again.
    If you been good all week you are allowed 1 treat a week so ENJOY the cake.
    Kathleen x

  3. Great card Diane, lovely image too. Mr Mojo seems to be working just fine...and enjoy the cake, I always do xx

  4. great card di, the image is great and love the colours.i really love your scalloped squares.i think you are doing really well with your diet and i think you should treat yourself to the cake.luv coops.xx


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