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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tenby and stash.

Well i ate for Queen, country and football team while i was away. Help yourself breakfasts three course evening meals and anything i could cram into my mouth in between so the friday weigh in should be a laugh.
The journey down to Cardigan was plagued with traffic jams so we didn't get our usual two hour stop off somewhere nice and had to make do with an hour in Newtown which is nice but quite small. Our day out on sunday was at Tenby.
I stayed there about 20 years ago and have always wanted to go back so i was made up.It was a lovely sunny warm day too.It's such a quaint place,even the "grot shops" sell quaint grot,lots of camper van and beetle souvenirs, Patrick would have loved it.There was a small pound shop where i managed to find two cards of ribbon with a diamante buckle for a pound each.
                                           St Annes Island, Tenby.
I didn't find any more stash there but we went to Brecon for a few hours on the way home on monday and i found a shop called Emerald arts and crafts.I bought a Kanban stamp set and a small scalloped square punch. There were quite a few more stamps but they were mainly celtic designs, it being Wales and all that.
We left Brecon and after 2 hours we had a tea stop at an old station which had been converted into one of those woollen mill type shops. The pleated skirt brigade loved it but i was a bit unimpressed until i saw................'ello 'ello 'ello, what's this then............PAYPER BOX!!!!! £8.99 reduced to £5.50 per boxfull. Well it would have been rude not to wouldn't it.I know There's a papermill shop quite near to me but this is patterned card,great for boxes.

.That's all they had though, no more craft stuff which i thought was a bit strange but never mind.
 Well that's all for me for now, as you can imagine there's ironing to be done before i can go anywhere near my den.                 Di.xx


  1. Sounds like you had fun and came back with a few souveniers then hehe! I wonder if Emerald Crafts is the same one I use online then?? Not sure where they're based but they are really good. xx Jenny xx

  2. hi di,well you managed to nab a few goodies anyway and when you go for your weigh in just cover your ears and shut your eyes,x

  3. Hi! Just came to your blog from Docrafts- I'm new to blogging and just started my own :) - love your cards!! :) Also love Tenby so enjoyed seeing your pics!! :) Rx

  4. fantastic pics di, looks like the weather was nice.glad you had a great time and managed to find some crafty goodies.love the stamps you got, will be looking to see what you make with them.luv coops.xx

  5. ps di, hope you don`t mind but how long did it take for your blog rating badge to work.i`ve added one but it still says pending approval.luv coops.xx

  6. Fab piccies sounds like you had a great time, love Tenby its where we had our honeymoon 19 years ago. Glad to see you managed to bag some goodies and sod the weigh in well worth adding a few pounds back on I'd say!!!! Take care Ann-Marie xxx

  7. Gorgeous photos, does sound like you had a good time. Enjoy your new stash. Kim

  8. Coops if your looking it took a couple of days for my blog to register.


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