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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy fathers day dads.......

.......wherever you are, i hope you've got a great big cake, and a massive pot of tea, and plenty of  "serving wenches" to fuss over you.You and mum taught me everything i need to know, thank you so much. Mum is 90 on the 30th of this month, you always said she'd live till she was 100. I think you're right. She doesn't know yet but we're taking her to Moel  Fammau on her birthday to be near you as that was your favourite place and your ashes are there.
There you were dad, at 68, most men were queuing at the Post Office for their pension. You were more concerned with how fast you could get up that mountain. You went on your own most times because it used to irritate you how slow the "younger ones" used to walk.
Derek " Del Boy", Speedy's dad, what a carpenter you were. There is a pub in Chester which was your last "job" before you had your stroke at 63. Speedy looks at carpentry in other places and says "my dad would cringe if he saw that". The pub is The Falcon in bridge st, Chester, All the beams and decorative wood panels are hand carved and jointed and admired by visitors from near and far.


  Love to all dads. xxxxx Wherever they are.


  1. hi di,how lovely that you have such special memories of your day,x


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