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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Guess what i've got!!??

A treadmill ,yes, a treadmill !! About 2 years ago i mentioned to Speedy that i was going to save up for one because every time i go out of the house i have to carry shopping as i don't drive and i like to cook from scratch and go through loads of veg.  So there wasn't much chance of going for walks as such,Speedy's idea of a walk is a pub crawl. So within a week or so he came home mighty pleased with himself with this monstrosity of a cross trainer built for a hefty bloke. Someone had given it to him.I tried to get on with it for ages but i just couldn't go on it for long enough to get any real benefit, it was just too stiff even on the lowest setting, so it has sat in the bedroom since then .Last week i had a rant and said that the ***** thing has got to go and a treadmill has got to come. You can imagine my cautiousness when he came home next night and said a mate had one to sell for £120. No way, i want a new one not some heap of junk that someone has ran the hell out of. Then i stated to get curious, hmm, i could save myself a bit of stash money here, so i said i would give it a weeks trial before parting with any cash.I got home yesterday and it was in the kitchen. I had a little go but i'd been boozing so i thought i'd best get off it (you could conjure up all sorts of funny images here). This morning i went for a 2 mile brisk "walk" and then another 1 mile.It's brill just what i wanted, no shopping to carry, no aching feet etc so i decided to keep it. I was going to put the cash in an envelope but then i had a little idea. I didn't have much time as the bloke was coming round but i literally threw this together for him.
Funny hey? I wrote inside "I'll soon be a size 0 now." The little card is 4"x4" and the stamp is a Dimensions clear mini stamp. See you soon . Di.xx

Edit, thanks for your support girls but let me say one thing...... i've got no intentions of actually running on this thing !! A brisk walk is what i want it for, running is for athletes! Brisk walking is for people who've got stuck with their diets through sitting around making cards.Hopefully if i walk more i won't have to eat less. That's the idea anyway, lol. xxxx


  1. thats just lovely! try not to over do it tho! & drink plenty of fluids xx

  2. brilliant card and good luck with your treadmill,dont over do it,x

  3. Hi Di

    A great card to go alongside your payment .. .. you are very committed .. .. well done!!

    Dread to think how far I could run .. not very far that's for sure.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Hi Di!!
    God, you do make me laugh!!, just so funny. Good luck with the treadmill, drink lots, not the alcohol type though lol, and your card is brilliant.
    Take care, love Vicky xx

  5. hi di, lol you do make me smile.have got images in my head of you on the treadmill after having a few tipples.lol.great card too, i have this image and have not used it for ages.keep up the good work hun, you are doing great.luv coops.xx

  6. Have fun on your new treadmill! I've been there....exercise bike (now used as a coat stand). Rowing machine (gathering dust in the shed) I am sure you will do better than me...now where's that chocolate?!! xx Jenny xx


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