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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Do not disturb.

Morning all, notice i didn't say good. It's as dull as ever here in Chester. Oops, i've just looked up and my spider plant is drooping over the sides of the pot begging for a drink,lol. A little task for me in a minute.

It's our mates birthday next week so i thought i'd make him a funny card as his "lady" is messing him about good style poor thing.
I'm glad i got those flippin' men stamps. I don't really like some of them as they have horrible faces but most of them will get used. The card base is from Payperbox and has been cut to 6"x6".
I put some liquid pearls on the beer to give it a decent head, a beer's no good if the head's not right you know. I'd hate to work in a pub, some men are obsessive about the head on their pint.

I'm off into town soon (after i've watered the plants) to see if there's any more bargains to be had at WHS. Then i'm going to have to sort my ribbons out, they are all in little individual resealable bags but they need to be sorted into perhaps lights darks and patterned and put into a smallish clear 3 drawer chest i've got from Wilkinsons. At the moment i have to tip them all out to find the right colour.
 Thanks for visiting. Di.xx


  1. hope you have managed to find some bargains,have fun organising,thats one of my fave things to do and i love the card,x

  2. di lovely card! men are as fussy about their pints as they we are about are hair!hope you've had a good day love sarah x

  3. Brilliant card Di!!, the image just makes me laugh lol!!
    Hope you find some fab bargains :o)
    Take care Vicky xx

  4. Great card Di. Now why didn't I think of using the liquid pearls for the head on the beer - you are a clever girl!


    Judi xx

  5. Great mans card, just right. Hope you got some bargains, our WHS is too small to sell craft goodies. My ribbons are stuffed into a Really Useful Storage Box and when you open the lid they jump out like a Jack in the box. Your system sounds much more refined, lol. xxx

  6. great card di, the image is fab but ewwww he has his pint in the loo :)
    love how you have done the liquid pearls on the pint head, very clever.

    xx coops xx

  7. Hello Di

    This is another Di - I love your blog and have snitched your shoe-sale paper piecing idea for my own cards. Have given you credit on my blog :) Have also done similar using same company's 'yoga' stamps.

    Like you, am not keen on the Flippin' card faces or even some of the sentiments - shame as the basic idea is so good.

    I store my ribbons in Really Useful boxes - using the divided layer thingies they sell stacked on top of one another - can only coil about 5 metres max in a 'slot' but it works for me! I think I'm a crafter wot likes to organise, stroke and look at stash....how sad is that :(

    Di x

  8. Afternoon Di

    Love your card and so typical of what a man would get up to - if left to his own devises!
    Have been viewing your blog a lot just lately and think it's absolutely fab!

    Carol W xx


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